Lionrock Recovery Launches Free Program for Companies Addressing Substance Use Disorder in the Workplace

The Online Program Challenges Companies to Break the Stigma of Addiction in the Workplace, Bringing Expert Training and Support to HR Leaders, Managers, and Employees

Lionrock Recovery launches The Courage to Change: Workplace Wellness Program, a free program providing companies SUD resources and training developed by renowned addiction experts for HR leaders, managers, and employees. (Graphic: Business Wire)

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--()--On a mission to eliminate the stigma and impact of substance use disorders (SUDs) in the workplace, Lionrock–the inventor of telehealth for SUD treatment and recovery services in the United States–today announced the launch of its Courage to Change: Workplace Wellness Program. The program, available at no cost to companies, provides online SUD resources and training developed by renowned addiction experts for HR leaders, managers, and employees.

“Understanding substance use disorders and reducing their stigma are prerequisites for getting more employees the help they need,” said Peter Loeb, CEO of Lionrock. “At Lionrock, we are uniquely qualified to assist leaders taking on this challenge and recognize HR teams are seeking more than just a portal of mental health information. The Courage to Change: Workplace Wellness Program was created with HR leaders top-of-mind, combining expert training and effective tools companies need to support their team members with minimal effort.”

The adverse impact SUD can have on business performance is significant, costing U.S. employers up to $207 billion annually in lost productivity. Companies can no longer afford to leave mental health support out of the picture. A recent study by Ultimate Kronos Group says managers have the greatest impact on people’s mental health, even more than therapists or doctors. Moreover, 64% of employees admit they would take a pay cut for a job that better supports their mental wellness. As employees increasingly look to their workplace for mental wellness support, employers are now tasked with providing comprehensive mental health resources to employees beyond what’s provided by corporate benefit plans. Not providing these supports risks losing talent that is challenging and expensive to replace.

“Lionrock’s Courage to Change: Workplace Wellness Program fills the gap for HR leaders as they struggle to battle the impacts of substance use disorder within their companies,” said Erica Williams, Director of Human Resources at Staff Zone. “The program provides employees direct access to engaging and highly educational resources and provides supplemental manager training that equips leaders with how to create an inclusive workplace for employees exploring mental wellness.”

The Courage to Change: Workplace Wellness Program is available online and includes:

  • Features for HR Leaders: Lionrock provides HR leaders with expert training and comprehensive online guides to assist employers of all sizes in minimizing SUD stigma and impact. Training tools include an inclusive and effective Substance Use Policy Template, the Business Case for SUD Action, Employee Education Guide, interactive “Ask the Expert” webinars, and a help desk for inquiries.
  • Features for Managers: Lionrock assists managers in recognizing and addressing substance misuse early with expert-led video training, webinars, and access to a robust Managers’ Guide. Managers will walk away with an extensive understanding of appropriate and palpable ways to guide employees to available SUD resources.
  • Features for Employees: Lionrock provides employees with access to a library of resources curated by Lionrock’s addiction experts, including video training about SUD in the workplace, online peer support group meeting access, and ​​relatable podcast episodes dedicated to sharing recovery stories. In addition, employees will experience an array of inclusive, engaging, and informative discussions and support solutions to address their SUD questions, gain insight into how to care for a loved one, or gauge if they, themselves, would benefit from support.

To kick off the program, Lionrock is hosting two informational webinar sessions for HR leaders and managers interested in learning how they can address the stigma and impact of SUD in their workplace on Tuesday, April 11 and Wednesday, April 19. Participants are encouraged to register at

You can learn more about the Courage To Change: Workplace Wellness Program at and Lionrock’s comprehensive SUD treatment and recovery services at

About Lionrock

Founded in 2010, Lionrock is the leading telehealth provider of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and recovery services in the United States. Lionrock provides evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders, at the Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient levels of care, including medication-assisted treatment and continuing care. Lionrock is accredited by the Joint Commission, employs master-level licensed counselors in most states, and accepts most private health insurance. Lionrock also offers the recovery community free support group meetings, both 12-step and alternative, recognizing that recovery is a lifetime pursuit. In 2022 Lionrock expanded its partner network to include Contigo Health, Meritain Health, Spring Health, and Daisy Health.


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Lionrock Recovery launches free program for companies to break the stigma of addiction in the workplace.


Mollie Leal
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