Claritin® Takes Aim at Reducing Pollen Levels Through Female Tree Planting Initiative

The DiversiTree™ Project is Designed to Help Create Allergy-Friendly Environments by Balancing Tree Populations with More Pollen-Free Female Trees


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DiversiTree Project™

WHIPPANY, N.J.--()--Fighting rising pollen levels, one female tree at a time! Today, Claritin®, the #1 doctor-recommended non-drowsy oral allergy OTC brand from Bayer, announced the launch of The DiversiTree™ Project, an initiative designed to help fight rising pollen levels through the planting of female trees. Many tree species have separate male and female trees, and for those species, the male trees are the ones that produce some of the pollen that causes allergy symptoms for as many as 60 million Americans. Female trees, however, do not produce any pollen and are not of allergenic concern.

According to a 2022 study published in Nature Communications1, pollen concentrations are expected to more than double by the end of this century. Claritin aims to help offset rising pollen levels by planting female trees throughout the country.

Kicking off the initiative this spring, Claritin sponsored female tree planting events in public parks and city streets to help restore botanical balance. The brand launched the Project by hosting female tree planting events in two cities ranked by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as some of the most challenging places to live with allergies, New Orleans, LA and Richmond, VA.

With The DiversiTree™ Project, Claritin is on a mission to help reduce pollen levels and restore botanical balance,” said Catherine Vennat, VP GM Upper Respiratory at Bayer. “Through female tree plantings in cities across the country, we’re aiming to help communities one tree at a time and are committed to research within the field of plant science, all with the goal of having everyone enjoy the outdoors every day.”

As part of The DiversiTree™ Project, the brand is conducting a study in partnership with Dr. Dan Katz, a Senior Research Associate at the School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University. A report with the study results will be released on April 7. The study, funded by the makers of Claritin, examines the potential for planting low pollen trees, including female trees, to reduce airborne pollen concentrations in New York City over the next 50 years.

There's rising interest in creating low-allergen cities. Avoiding high-pollen trees could be an important part of the solution and for some species, that means planting female trees instead of males,” stated Katz. "I look forward to working alongside Claritin to use insights from our joint study to better understand the role of tree planting in reducing allergenic pollen exposure."

The makers of Claritin are also encouraging the public to be part of the change and are partnering with The Arbor Day Foundation and its Community Canopy program to plant more female trees. We are spreading the word across the nation and getting more female trees planted.

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1 Zhang, Y., & Steiner, A. L. (2022). Projected climate-driven changes in pollen emission season length and magnitude over the continental United States. Nature Communications.


Press: Denise Vitola

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Claritin® Takes Aim at Reducing Pollen Levels Through Female Tree Planting Initiative


Press: Denise Vitola