DŌST Bikes Unveils its Upcoming Multi-Passenger Electric Cargo Bike - The Crate Cargo Cruiser


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The next breakthrough in ebike design is here.

PORT COQUITLAM, British Columbia--()--DŌST Bikes, a leader in the ebike sector, today announced key features of its upcoming ebike soon to be added to its award-winning line-up, a multi-passenger electric cargo bike dubbed the Crate Cargo Cruiser.

“Currently, there are very few options for riders seeking a multi-passenger electric cargo bike that features equal parts comfort, safety, hauling capacity and customization.” said Sam Atakhanov, Chief Executive Officer of DŌST Bikes. “We believe these key attributes are all essential for creating a premium riding experience and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Crate, in both a traditional and step-through version, to our award-winning line-up.”

“This latest innovation further cements our commitment to sustainability as it is designed to truly serve as second vehicle, allowing you to safely haul groceries and transport your family on your daily journeys,” continued Sam. “We are confident that we have checked all the boxes with the Crate and can’t wait for you to experience what we believe is a class-defining new Cargo Cruiser.”

To watch the official unveiling of the Crate Cargo Cruiser, visit DOSTBikes.com or our YouTube page.

Crate Cargo Cruiser features include:

  • 440 lb load capacity - With a load capacity of almost 7 times its own weight, the Crate is ready to transport you and your passengers or cargo safely and effortlessly from point A to B
  • Passenger Accessories:
    • Rider + two toddlers
    • Rider + two small children
    • Rider + one adult
  • All the cargo accessories you could need:
    • Large volume panniers (saddle bags) for groceries etc.
    • Large volume rear basket for large miscellaneous goods
    • Front rack for lighter packages or small pets
    • Front rack + bag for smaller items
    • Glove box that stays attached to the bike for locks, wallets, keys, phones etc.
  • Compact design and 24” x 3” Tires - Despite its impressive capacity, the Crate is still compact, about the same length as a regular city bike. Meanwhile, the 24” x 3” wheels provide a superior riding experience while maintaining a low stand over height so riders of all sizes and abilities can feel confident.
  • Dual Battery Compatible - The Crate just wouldn’t be a DŌST without its ability to add an optional Dual Battery System. Adding this extra battery provides an impressive 120 miles of range via the 1200 WH (25 Ah) combined battery capacity, eliminating range anxiety.
  • Ō-Drive technology - Quite simply the most advanced ebike drivetrain on the market today, designed to make riding simpler and safer with technology like:
    • M600 high torque mid-drive motor - The M600 mid-drive offers both throttle & pedal assist, plus delivers 40% more torque than any motor in its class, making it the ideal motor choice for a multi-passenger cargo bike
    • Integrated automatic transmission - The Enviolo CVT is completely integrated with the M600 motor, delivering a truly revolutionary riding experience. In automatic mode, the rider simply sets their preferred pedalling speed - the motor and CVT communicate to take care of the gear changes automatically. Whether you’re riding fast or slow, uphill or down, the powertrain is adapting in real-time.
    • Gates carbon belt drive - Perfected on our DROP and KOPE CVT models, the Gates carbon belt replaces the traditional chain, requires no lubrication and has a much longer lifespan than a chain so you can forget about maintenance for years to come.
    • Throttle + Pedal Assist - The Crate is the only mid-drive cargo ebike to feature both throttle and pedal assist. A throttle is a must-have feature for many riders - it's handy to have to accelerate up a hill, through an intersection, or simply when your legs are spent.

The Crate Cargo Cruiser will be offered in a traditional frame as well as a step-through model. Both versions are available for pre-order now by visiting www.dostbikes.com. We anticipate production to begin in the second half of 2023 and the Crate to start shipping in Q4.

Additional information on current and upcoming DŌST products, as well as more information on dealer applications is available at www.dostbikes.com.

About DOST Bikes

DŌST Bikes are designed in Canada and sold directly to consumers online, and through a network of retail partners across North America. Their dual battery mid-drive designs have been used to set Guinness World Records and have earned top awards from ElectricBikeReview.com including “Best Value Commuter Ebike” and “Best Value Cruiser Ebike”. With sustainability embedded into every aspect of the business from product design to operations, DŌST Bikes is proud to share its transparency in all areas of environmental, social and governance and is in the process of being B-Corp Certified by the end of 2023. To find out more please visit www.dostbikes.com.


Sam Atakhanov
(778) 881-9059


Sam Atakhanov
(778) 881-9059