European Company Works Council Statement on Teleperformance’s Decision to Continue Full-service Content Moderation

PARIS--()--Regulatory News:

The following is a European Company Works Council statement on Teleperformance’s (Paris:TEP) decision to continue full-service content moderation.

Dear all,

We the ECWC (European Company Works Council) of Teleperformance SE, are writing to express our full support for the company's decision to support the content moderation industry and the egregious content review.

The ECWC is in constant contact with our workers directly, and they are confirming to us that the company works with the utmost respect to them and has implemented a high standard on Health and Safety. These Health and Safety measures are continually under review, progressing and improving as the requirement of this sensitive nature dictates.

Recent events have highlighted the importance of this role, in keeping the worldwide internet safe for all users across the globe. We were previously made aware of the November publications and of the company's actions towards these statements. We also recognize that the company has taken a step towards social dialogue by signing a Global agreement with UNI, in addition to our own realization back in 2014.

We understand that the topic of content moderation has resurfaced, and we want to emphasize our support for the company and its actions in supporting the content moderators. It is crucial to maintain a safe and healthy online environment.

As the European Company Works Council, we stand behind the company and its decision to support the content moderation industry. We have seen the organization's commitment to ensuring the onboarding, training, and well-being support for our colleagues working as moderators through extensive internal and independent audits. We believe that it is essential for the safety and well-being of all internet users worldwide, without these steps and measures in place the internet would be a very unsafe for all users especially children. We fully support the company's actions in this regard.

We recognize our responsibility as a market leader in the BPO industry and encourage others to follow our principles and values to ensure the internet is safer place for us all.


For the ECWC

Stephan Sielemann

ECWC Secretary

This letter is also available on Teleperformance’s website on the following page: