Carbon Direct Introduces New Platform to Accelerate Enterprise Decarbonization

The Carbon Direct Platform combines the company’s deep expertise in climate science, policy, and carbon markets with SaaS-based end-to-end carbon management, providing actionable climate strategy and comprehensive tracking and reporting.

NEW YORK--()--Carbon Direct, a company built to help enterprises drive climate action, today announced the Carbon Direct Platform, designed to provide organizations of any size with the information, strategies, and resources they need to set and equitably deliver on their climate commitments. The Carbon Direct Platform provides auditable carbon footprints, actionable strategies for emission reductions, and high-quality carbon removal portfolios that help companies make climate impact.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly focused on climate action. According to research from SME Climate Hub, 80% of SMEs surveyed consider reducing their emissions a “high priority.” However, SMEs frequently lack the resources—both financial and expertise—to take action. A 2022 study by the European Commission found that just 24% of companies surveyed have a strategy in place to reduce their carbon footprint, and only 19% were planning to implement such a strategy in the future.

“Organizations overwhelmingly believe that climate action is critically important, but most of them don't know how to develop or get from a 30-year goal to a near-term action plan, let alone comply with new regulations or manage reputation risk,” said Jon Goldberg, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Carbon Direct.

“With the introduction of the Carbon Direct Platform, for the first time you can leverage the knowledge of the world’s foremost experts on climate science, data, and policy to accelerate your climate goals. We’ve created a centralized software tool for any organization to set and deliver on climate commitments, purchase high-quality credits, and manage risk,” added Danan Margason, Chief Product Officer and General Manager of Platform at Carbon Direct.

The Carbon Direct Platform was designed to provide end-to-end carbon management across every stage of an organization’s climate journey. Organizations can measure their emissions to build auditable carbon footprints, readily identify emissions reductions opportunities, and access high-quality carbon removal credits portfolios. The SaaS-based carbon management technology makes it simple to set and track progress toward goals, as well as provide reports to business stakeholders, partners, and regulatory agencies for compliance and brand reputation management. The Carbon Direct Platform is comprised of three core modules:

  • Measure: The Carbon Direct Platform, supported by the expertise of our scientists and carbon accounting specialists, aggregates and analyzes your organization’s data to build an auditable carbon emissions footprint. That footprint is then visualized and tracked via Platform dashboards that help you set priorities and streamline reporting.
  • Reduce: Based on an organization’s unique emissions profile, Carbon Direct scientists and carbon accounting specialists identify and prioritize areas to reduce your direct and indirect emissions. Organizations can track and report on reductions progress and impact via Platform dashboards.
  • Remove: The Carbon Direct Platform provides exclusive access to Carbon Direct Portfolio 1, a curated portfolio composed of high-quality carbon removal credits. Carbon Direct Portfolio 1 can also be natively integrated into third-party platforms via our APIs. Manage your credit inventory and transactions at scale across one-time purchases or subscription programs—all with traceable credit retirement verification.

To learn more about the Carbon Direct Platform or to request a demo, visit

What our clients are saying:

“Carbon Direct’s emission report was exactly what we were looking for to help us achieve net zero by 2030,” said Kathleen Simpson, Chief Executive Officer of The Russell Family Foundation. “We needed an initial baseline to understand what drives our emissions, and from there, discover opportunities for emission reduction.”

“Carbon Direct’s science-based approach helped us select the projects that will make the greatest lasting impact on our community,” said Christian Herrmann, Climate Communications Specialist of Boulder County.

“We needed to find the right partner who could deliver high-quality carbon removal at the cutting edge in the industry,” said Anne Coghlan, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Scope3. “We chose Carbon Direct because their technical portfolios are unmatched.” Read the Scope3 case study.

About Carbon Direct

Carbon Direct helps organizations go from climate goal to climate action. We combine technology with deep expertise in climate science, data, and policy to deliver carbon emission footprints, actionable reduction strategies, and high-quality carbon dioxide removal. With Carbon Direct, clients can set and equitably deliver on their climate commitments, streamline compliance, and manage risk through transparency and scientific credibility.

Our expertise is trusted by global climate leaders including Microsoft, American Express, and Alaska Airlines, as well as by the World Economic Forum, which selected Carbon Direct as an Implementation Partner for the First Movers Coalition. To learn more, visit


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