Reliance Matrix Partners with BrightDime, Offering Clients a Holistic Financial Wellness Solution for their Employees

PHILADELPHIA--()--Reliance Matrix, an employee benefits company and provider of technology enabled absence and productivity services, has partnered with BrightDime, providing clients’ employees a personalized financial wellness solution designed to alleviate employee stress.

BrightDime provides employees with innovative money tools to manage their finances more effectively. The platform includes automated organizational tools such as a dashboard that tracks budgets against goals and captures spending and investments in a personal balance sheet; unlimited one-on-one financial coaching; and a library of articles about money issues tailored to their needs.

“Stress related to personal finances is impacting employees at alarming rates,” said Kevin Cranston, Head of Product Development at Reliance Matrix. “BrightDime will help our clients build cultures of care. By decreasing employee stress around finances, employers are realizing the many benefits of improved physical and mental health in the workplace. Financial wellness tools like BrightDime are also proven to attract talent and boost employee engagement and retention.”

With BrightDime, employees can simplify their financial decisions by securely linking all accounts on the BrightDime platform. Capturing spending, debt, and investments in one place enables employees to make more cohesive financial decisions.

“BrightDime is a user friendly, holistic financial wellness solution aimed at helping employees achieve a brighter and more secure financial future,” added David Stedman, CEO, “and because we are not owned by a financial institution and do not sell products, our unbiased approach builds trust with employers and employees.”

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About Reliance Matrix

Reliance Matrix delivers employee benefit, absence management and workforce productivity solutions through the financial stability of a top-rated insurance carrier, the proven innovation of an absence TPA, and the daily commitment of thousands of team members across America. Where larger competitors offer size, we inspire confidence and long-term engagement through integration, reliability, and dedication to providing customized solutions.

Incorporated in 1907, Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company is a leading provider of employee benefits, absence management and retirement savings solutions. Matrix Absence Management traces its roots to Silicon Valley at the dawn of the tech boom. Seamless and secure, we innovate and deliver products and programs to help individuals, employers, brokers, and fiduciaries protect and nurture those most important to them.

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About BrightDime

BrightDime is an industry-leading financial wellness solution designed to alleviate employee stress. With inflationary financial stress impacting employees at new levels, it’s essential they have the support to manage their finances more effectively. BrightDime’s innovative program helps employees create financial goals and strategies that are tailored to their specific financial situations.


Chris Murray, 610-864-9123,

Release Summary

Reliance Matrix has partnered with BrightDime to provide employers with a personalized financial wellness solution for employees and their families.


Chris Murray, 610-864-9123,