ECOVACS Reveals Additions to the DEEBOT Family: N10 PLUS, T9+ and T10 OMNI

The new DEEBOTs are expanding the hands-free future of robotic household cleaners, introducing upgraded smarter cleaning features to its DEEBOT N- and T-line of products.

ECOVACS launches new generation of robotic vacuum and mops: N10 PLUS, T9+ and T10 OMNI (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--ECOVACS, the service robotics company and producer of the top performing robotic vacuum and mop - DEEBOT - is releasing three new models in the US: the DEEBOT N10 PLUS, T9+ and T10 OMNI. The new generation of high suction powered vacuum and mop robots have 3x the suction power and are quieter than most robotic vacuum cleaners in the market today, and bring ECOVACS’ latest technologies to the more accessible N- and T-line of robots. Available beginning today, consumers can experience DEEBOT’s intelligent technology and effortless cleaning capabilities from $650, $800, and $1300 respectively.

Experience the Value of Smarter, Efficient Robots

Designed for users who want to make more time for living, and less time for chores, ECOVACS is introducing their advanced smart navigation and mapping systems and other premium innovations at the N- and T-line levels.

We have a proud tradition of innovative robotic excellence,” says Peter Cao, General Manager of ECOVACS Americas. “As each of our new innovative technologies mature, we’re able to adopt them from our flagship X-Series robots, and pass them on to even more consumers at a tremendous value in our DEEBOT T-line, and an unbeatable premium value in our most entry-level N-line.”

Each new robot features advanced cleaning capabilities that their respective competitors at each price point have yet to achieve, making them more powerful and smarter than ever before. Upgrades for each series include:

For the ‘No Kids Allowed’ House

Perfect for apartments or quieter adult homes, the DEEBOT N10 PLUS elevates the entry level standard for a premium-level uncompromised clean. For homeowners new to the robotic vacuum category, the N10 PLUS is the perfect choice because it utilizes advanced navigation and mapping to provide an effective deep clean, unlike cheaper models that barely complete the surface level. For those who’ve given robot vacuums a try, but have yet to find a solution that works, ECOVACS is to the rescue. Forget all of the haphazard experiences robot vacuums of the past put you through, DEEBOT N10 PLUS features advanced and reliable precision cleaning every single time.

New to the N-line, DEEBOT N10 PLUS features an advanced cleaning system with OZMO™ Mopping technology, simultaneously sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors for the most effective clean. DEEBOT automatically senses and avoids carpets when mopping to avoid contamination, and automatically increases vacuum suction power when moving from hardwood to carpet cleaning. This DEEBOT boasts TrueMapping technology, which utilizes an advanced laser-based navigation with dToF sensors, a technology used by self-navigating cars and NASA, for 2x the coverage and 4x the efficiency compared to standard infrared based lasers. This means no more cleaning up after your vacuum, DEEBOT N10 PLUS creates the most efficient cleaning paths leaving no room for missed spots! The latest DEEBOT in the N-line introduces hassle-free cleaning at the most entry level with the included auto-empty station, emptying itself in a sealed, hypoallergenic dust bag equipped to hold months of debris without leakage.

DEEBOT N10 PLUS is available online at and Amazon starting today for $650.

When Kids and Pets Run the Place

With the introduction of the DEEBOT T9+, busy homes with unmanageable messes and smells have officially met their match. Featuring more power and precision than ever before, DEEBOT T9+ gives families time back to enjoy all of the little things, even the chaos; no more stressing over the dirt kids and pets dragged across the carpet, DEEBOT has got you covered, in more ways than one. Families can enjoy an all-in cleaning experience, featuring ECOVACS’ leading TrueDetect 3D and TrueMapping 2.0 technologies, and an all-new onboard air freshener.

With TrueDetect 3D 2.0 - an advanced object avoidance technology that is 10x more accurate than the industry standard infrared - no more babysitting your robot. DEEBOT T9+ will detect and avoid ‘unvacuumables’ as small as kids’ legos or as critical as misplaced car keys, and continue working around them. TrueMapping 2.0 helps DEEBOT T9+ clean faster and more efficiently, navigating your home with precision down to the millimeter, no matter how complex.

Families will love the OZMO™ Mopping Pro oscillating mopping system that simultaneously vacuums and mops floors, with both quick scrub and deep scrub cleaning options to tackle any family messes…big or small. Other robotic mops simply sway back and forth, reaching a surface level clean, while T9+ oscillates, ensuring floors will shine like never before. Advanced custom cleaning options allow users to clean the kitchen after dinner or the playroom when the day is done.

In addition to these advanced vacuum and mopping capabilities, DEEBOT T9+ features the first built-in air freshener that freshens the room as it works, and ECOVACS standard auto-empty station which clears the robot’s dustbin automatically after cleaning with minimal human intervention, maximizing your home's sanitation and minimizing your to-do list.

DEEBOT T9+ is available today for $800, from Amazon,, and soon in Best Buy.

If Better isn’t Good Enough, You Need the Best

The DEEBOT T10 OMNI introduces the most advanced cleaning and navigation features to the T-line. DEEBOT T10 OMNI includes ECOVACS’ latest in innovation, OZMO™ Turbo 2.0 mopping system, which utilizes a dual spinning brush in addition to oscillating scrubbing, and the addition of YIKO, a first-of-its-kind natural language processing (NLP) technology that takes direct speech and commands without the need for a third-party smart device. When chaos ensues, DEEBOT and YIKO bring calm, cool and clean! These premium features were first introduced with the debut of ECOVACS’ flagship DEEBOT X1 OMNI at CES in 2022, and are now being brought to the T-line, making them more accessible than ever before. In addition to these new features, the DEEBOT T10 OMNI’s auto-cleaning and auto-empty station includes dual 4-liter water tanks for cool water cleaning the mop pads and hot-air drying capabilities for drying, to prevent bacteria over time, along with an auto-empty dustbin for debris, ensuring an effective and reliable clean every use.

DEEBOT T10 OMNI is available today on and Amazon for $1,300.

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ECOVACS ROBOTICS is singularly focused on advancing robotic technologies to serve the world and create a holistic ecosystem between human and robotics in lifestyle and production. Celebrating their 25-year history in smart home development and 100% ownership of its R&D and manufacturing, the company leads the market with over 1,000 patents and innovative product development in home service robotics. Over the last 25 years, ECOVACS transformed from a visionary startup into a global corporation with a mission of Robotics for All. Starting with their very first robotic vacuum cleaner debut in 2009, followed by the introduction of AIRBOT, robotic air-purifier, WINBOT, robotic window/surface cleaner, and most recently, GOAT, robotic lawn mower, and DEEBOT Pro, commercial cleaning robot, alongside several best-in-class technology introductions, ECOVACS Robotics has expanded into an ecosystem to serve the real needs of users and consumers around the world, with no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Designed to change the way people live and work, ECOVACS has become an award-winning household essential. In 2020, ECOVACS was awarded a Good Design Award and a PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award. In 2021, Better Homes & Gardens named ECOVACS a Clean House Awards winner, and TWICE included ECOVACS in its 2021 CES Picks Awards. And in 2022, CES named the DEEBOT X1 OMNI a CES Innovation Award Honoree. For more information, please visit:


Alyssa Abatemarco


Alyssa Abatemarco