Citizens for Judicial Fairness Launches St. Patrick’s Day Ad Exposing Chancery Court Shenanigans and Enrichment of Court Insiders like Bouchard, Pincus, and Strine

Citizens for Judicial Fairness Advertisement in the Delaware News Journal on 3/17/23 (Graphic: Business Wire)

WILMINGTON, Del.--()--Today, Citizens for Judicial Fairness announced the launch of a new print advertising campaign on St. Patrick’s Day criticizing Delaware legal insiders for their profiteering off of their Chancery Court connections. The advertisement demonstrates how elites like former Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Leo Strine, and multi-time Chancery Court-appointed Custodian Robert Pincus have earned pots of gold based on their court connections at the expense of everyday Delawareans.

Citizens for Judicial Fairness released the following statement about the campaign: “This St. Patrick’s Day, we’re taking the opportunity to remind Delawareans of the hypocrisy of the state’s highest courts. For well-connected insiders, the Chancery Court’s long rainbow ends in pots of gold that fund their lavish lifestyles at the expense of Delaware taxpayers. This campaign is our latest effort to engage Delawareans at the grassroots level and raise awareness about the dire state of Delaware’s Courts.”

The advertisement reads:

“Don't Let Chancery Court Lies Steal Your Lucky Charms This St. Patty's Day

The Chancery Court is supposed to be fair and impartial, but it’s all about who you know. While legal insiders like Robert Pincus, Andre Bouchard, and Leo Strine make pots of gold, Delaware citizens are left out in the cold.

Let's hold the Chancery Court to a higher standard and make justice truly blind. Sláinte!”