Introducing GrammarlyGO, New Generative AI Product to Accelerate Productivity

Grammarly changes how people work and businesses run with a truly context-aware, collaborative communication assistance tool powered by generative AI

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Grammarly, the company powering effective communication for over 50,000 teams and 30 million people daily, today unveiled GrammarlyGO, a new generative AI product that accelerates productivity where people write. Combined with Grammarly’s advanced communication support, GrammarlyGO enables people and businesses to unlock their potential, save time, and get more done—while prioritizing trust, security, and authenticity. GrammarlyGO will start rolling out to customers in beta in April.

Individuals today spend too much time trying to communicate in the right way, while poor communication is draining business productivity and performance.* GrammarlyGO will address this problem by quickly generating highly relevant text with an understanding of personal voice and brand style, context, and intent—saving people and businesses time while accounting for their unique needs. Coupled with Grammarly’s nearly 14 years of AI expertise and backed by enterprise-grade security safeguards, GrammarlyGO delivers comprehensive, generative AI-powered communication assistance on-demand.

“Generative AI represents an inflection point in innovation that Grammarly can incorporate to deliver even more value for our customers,” said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Global Head of Product at Grammarly. “For well over a decade, we’ve delivered the leading AI-enabled communication assistant focused on helping people and businesses overcome the real challenges they face every day. Now we enter a new phase in our vision to support our customers across all stages of communication, going past revision into conception and composition—all while maintaining our high standards of quality, privacy, and security.”

GrammarlyGO will uniquely use personal, organizational, and situational context—like voice and style, where the user is writing, and their purpose—to generate relevant, tailored communication. With GrammarlyGO, users can rewrite, compose, ideate, and reply within the applications and websites they’re already on—boosting efficiency right in their flow of work. GrammarlyGO enables individuals and businesses to:

  • Compose text: With a quick prompt, users can compose a high-quality, tailored draft right where they’re working.
  • Reply to emails: GrammarlyGO understands the context of emails and offers relevant one-click prompts (like “I’m interested” or “I’m not interested”) for users to quickly draft thoughtful replies.
  • Rewrite for tone and clarity: Transform entire sections of writing to be clearer and use the right tone, whether to improve its friendliness, professionalism, or more. Users can choose from prompts or input their own to rewrite their selected text.
  • Rewrite for length: Transform writing to be just the right length, making it longer or shorter at the click of a prompt.
  • Ideate: Augment creativity and speed up content creation by using GrammarlyGO as an AI ideation partner, generating outlines or ideas to reference or add directly into text.
  • Personalize their voice: Users can set their preferred tones and professional role to generate writing personalized to their voice and needs.
  • Use prompts as a guide: GrammarlyGO leverages unique context to suggest one-click prompts for jumpstarting or improving writing.

“Generative AI is creating a massive surge of innovation in the communication assistance space,” said Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. “The companies that win will be those that solve for how to deliver true business value by differentiating in areas beyond core use cases, like deep integration of context, security and responsible development, and extensibility across platforms. Vendors investing in these areas set themselves apart from many of the other companies building on these models and are positioned well to lead in the application of AI in the enterprise.”

Whether in email threads, social platforms, or long-form documents, GrammarlyGO works alongside customers to help them achieve their personal and business goals. Professionals and businesses can reduce time spent refining communications, move effortlessly through workflows, and reinvest time into higher-value work. Students and educators can spark their creativity, enhance learning, and improve writing outcomes. Developers can help their end users and businesses quickly create compelling content in their applications.

GrammarlyGO will be available across Grammarly’s product offerings—including Grammarly Free (in select markets), Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, Grammarly for Education (higher education), and Grammarly for Developers. Individual users will have GrammarlyGO activated by default and can toggle it off or on in their settings. Grammarly Business and Grammarly for Education administrators will have the option to opt into using GrammarlyGO for their organizations—so they are in control over what Grammarly features are most helpful for their needs.

GrammarlyGO upholds Grammarly’s long-standing commitment to security, privacy, and responsible AI development. Grammarly holds enterprise-grade attestations and certifications and maintains security and privacy practices that put users first—never selling or renting data.

Download Grammarly today to get access to the upcoming GrammarlyGO beta. Developers interested in using GrammarlyGO within the Grammarly Text Editor SDK can apply now for beta access starting in April.

To learn more about GrammarlyGO and how it will change how we communicate:

*Grammarly Business and The Harris Poll, “The State of Business Communication: The Path to Productivity, Performance, and Profit,” 2023.

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