Esri Partner Pollen Systems Provides Advanced Agriculture Analytics to Farms using PrecisionView™ Mobile

Mapping aerial imagery captured by drones and satellites together with mobile data helps farms deliver better crop yield and quality.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif.--()--Pollen Systems is an Esri Business Partner. At Esri’s Partner and Developer Conferences, Esri Startup Partner Pollen Systems demonstrated PrecisionView™ Mobile, built on the new ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift.

Pollen Systems can arrange drone or satellite aerial data capture anywhere in the world to fuel their PrecisionView™ Platform. Built entirely on, and powered by, Esri’s ArcGIS system, the PrecisionView™ Platform maps out spatially accurate farm blocks and provides precise locations of IoT devices, integrating data from moisture, irrigation, and climate sensors. By combining customer and Esri-supplied layers from the Living Atlas, such as aerial imagery, soil maps, topography, and more, farmers can capture a 360-degree digital twin of their farm.

Data and images are managed in Pollen’s PrecisionView™ Platform. Using powerful analytic capabilities, data is segmented and tracked at the individual plant, partial or full row, or block level, highlighting crop vigor and variability, water stress, and pest and disease pressure on any sized farm. Farm Managers receive detailed reports and recommendations to help their farms be as efficient, productive, and profitable as possible.

“As sustainable development becomes a priority for independent farmers and large agricultural organizations alike, the ability to monitor land changes and assess crop health with a variety of data is critical,” said Richard Cooke, Esri head of global business development. “We are thrilled that Pollen Systems has chosen to accelerate their product development and time to market by leveraging the entire ArcGIS system and its Living Atlas of vast and diverse data services to enable their customers to better manage their farms and implement precision land management practices.”

With the addition of PrecisionView™ Mobile powered by the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift, farm workers equipped with iOS devices can now download and use maps offline, address tasks, and provide annotations that synchronize when network access is available.

“Capturing aerial imagery with drones and satellites provides extremely high-resolution images and data of crop growth in farms throughout the world,” said Keith McCall, Founder and CEO of Pollen Systems. “Mapping that data with PrecisionView™, powered with Esri ArcGIS technology, enables the mobile devices of farm workers in areas of low or no network coverage the ability to track and record data in a way never before possible.”

By using drones and satellites to scout issues, Pollen Systems cuts the high labor cost and time for the detection of pests and diseases by up to 90%. For instance, a drone flyover over 100 acres takes less than an hour, while it could take days to inspect by hand.

“We’re using Pollen Systems aerial flyovers to help promote vineyard uniformity and to quickly identify and address irrigation issues,” said Marshall Edwards, Vineyard Operation Manager, Quintessence Vineyard, Red Mountain, WA. “Our goal at Quintessence is to produce the highest quality wine grapes possible so our customers can produce world-class Red Mountain Washington wines.”

“We’ve been working with Pollen Systems for several years to provide us with independent trial analysis of our biostimulant products throughout North America,” said Ryan Miller, PhD, Global Director of Technology Development, Stoller Group. “Pollen’s precision agriculture per plant analytics provide us actionable metrics that demonstrate how our applications affect plant growth and yield across a wide variety of crops.”

To schedule a drone or satellite data capture, or request additional information, please contact Pollen Systems at (888) POLLEN 8 or email

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Pollen Systems Corporation, a Delaware C Corporation based in Bellevue, WA, aggregates agricultural data from multiple data sources and applies advanced analytics to devise solutions for farms to enable them to flourish and grow. Augmented by a sophisticated drone and satellite aerial capture platform, we quickly and accurately scan plots of land with multispectral crop scouting techniques and provide advanced farming analysis to inform and instruct farmers. Pollen Systems improves crop vigor, quality, and yield while reducing labor costs, irrigation, and pests and diseases. Learn more


Pollen Systems Corporation
Keith McCall, +1-888-765-5368


Pollen Systems Corporation
Keith McCall, +1-888-765-5368