Groove Unveils Groove Plays for Connected Sales Execution

Groove Plays enables sales leaders to prevent misses before they happen and help their sellers see blind spots before it’s too late

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Groove, a market-leading sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce®, today announced Groove Plays, a new capability for sales leaders to make their strategy actionable. With Groove Plays, Groove is delivering on its vision for connected sales execution, where teams, strategy, and technology all come together in one actionable platform.

Groove Plays is a new capability that enables sales leaders to program their strategy into Groove and assist sellers in real-time, ensuring they follow their unique playbook when it matters most. Groove Plays will be generally available to customers this summer as a fully integrated component of the Groove sales engagement platform.

According to a 2021 Gartner study, 49% of sales leaders do not feel highly confident that their tech stack aligns to sales objectives. Because most sales engagement platforms were built to support linear processes such as prospecting or nurturing accounts, the middle of the funnel is an unsolved challenge in the burgeoning industry of sales technology. The way sellers operate is often unstructured and inconsistent, making it challenging to know whether or not reps are taking the best actions at the right time as they work to close deals.

Groove Plays is a fully integrated solution that provides revenue leaders with the visibility and control they need to never let an opportunity slip through the cracks again. Sales leaders can program their unique playbooks into Groove, and the platform will recommend the right plays at the right time to sellers based on the playbook and inputs from millions of sensors, including comprehensive activity and opportunity data in Salesforce.

Powered by Groove’s AI engine, RIO, the more data that is available to the system, the better suggestions sales leaders will receive to evolve their plays over time. Groove was recently named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Sales Engagement Platforms, Q3 2022, which states:

“The platform is top-notch when it comes to activity capture and interaction management. Groove is collecting and aggregating signals from all interactions and scores, not only in Groove but across all Salesforce objects and external sources. This information is used to connect buying group members and make suggestions based on broad data sets. Groove specializes in industry-specific and customer-specific suggestions and signals.”

Groove Plays Key Benefits

  • Define your custom playbook. Sales leaders can build their unique sales strategy into Groove and guide reps to take the desired action at the right time.
  • Assist and align sellers in real-time. Reps receive real-time guidance based on their manager’s unique playbook, combined with sensors and signals from a connected tech stack.
  • Apply insights to learn, evolve, and win. RIO suggests ideal email content based on insights gathered from earlier in the deal process via Groove Conversations and advanced activity capture.

“Modern sellers are faced with dozens of decisions when running through a sales cycle,” said Khris Fenton, VP of Sales Development and Partnerships at Altrata. “Having a solution like Groove Plays to enable sellers with a systematic guided selling framework isn’t just a game-changer for frontline salespeople. It will also help sales leaders ensure consistency while giving them insight into what's working and what's not, so they can optimize their strategy and up-level their salesforce.”

“When my co-founder Austin and I founded Groove, we were sales leaders facing the exact challenge that Groove Plays solves,” said Chris Rothstein, co-founder and CEO of Groove. “We knew that in order to digitally transform sales as a profession, we had to start by building a foundation in advanced data capture and linear-process automation. With Groove Plays, we are introducing the next generation of Groove to solve the biggest untapped market in sales.”


Groove Plays is scheduled for a Summer 2023 launch. It will be available to all customers of Groove’s sales engagement platform at no additional cost.

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Groove is delivering on its vision for connected sales execution, where teams, strategy, and technology all come together in one actionable platform.

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