Experts Say Preparation for What CDC Predicts to be an Aggressive Cold and Flu Season Must Begin Now

NEW YORK--()--On the heels of COVID comes what the U.S. Center for Disease Control predicts to be a very active cold and flu season with hospitalizations soaring in states around the country. Some states are already beginning to see an increase in flu positive cases and now doctors warn that RSV, an illness typically associated with young children, is affecting the immunocompromised. Some experts say the time to prepare is now.

"Between 3 and 11 percent of the U.S. population is infected with and develops flu symptoms each year," says Dr. Shirin Peters, founder of Bethany Medical Clinic. “In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it's important to stock up on cold and flu products to best prepare for the season ahead, since last year saw a shortage of over-the-counter cold products.”

Dr. Peters says there are several ways families can stay ahead of catching a cold or flu and offers these helpful tips to boost immunity and stay healthy:

Boost the immune system. Many people underestimate the severity of how bad cold and flu season can get, so make sure to have products readily available in the home, especially products that contain vitamin C and Zinc. I recommend Zicam Daily Immune Support, a gummy supplement designed with Zinc, vitamin D, and C to give the immune system an all-in-one boost. When cold symptoms do slip through the cracks, Zicam RapidMelts are a great option that will shorten colds at the first sign.

Disinfect the house. Being indoors more often allows viruses to pass more easily from one person to another. Be sure to clean and disinfect your home and pay particular attention to high-touch areas like kitchen countertops, bathrooms, door handles, and light switches, and make sure to wash bed sheets weekly as germs and dust build up. Don’t forget heavily handled items like phones and remote controls, which are huge breeding grounds for germs. Also, consider investing in an air purifier, that can remove allergens and inactivate bacteria and neutralize viruses.

Keep up with a healthy diet and exercise. With big holiday celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s, it’s easy to forget your diet and exercise routines. Grabbing a slice of pumpkin pie or a sugar cookie isn’t going to cut it, instead, make sure to stick to nutritious and vitamin-rich foods like vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Even though it's cold outside, make sure to stay active, go outside and get some fresh air.

Get adequate sleep. Getting enough sleep is crucial to a healthy immune system even though it's difficult around a hectic holiday schedule. Sleep is key to maintaining good health and energy levels. If insomnia and stress contribute to sleeping issues consider Zicam Sleep + Immune Support with Melatonin gummies that can help you fall asleep while also supporting your immune system; it’s a great option to take 1-2 hours prior to bedtime, helping get a good night’s rest.


Laura Schroeder

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Dr. Shirin Peters of Bethany Medical Clinic Offers Advice to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season.


Laura Schroeder