Hydrow’s Latest Ad Campaign Is Here to Pump You Up

The fitness brand partnered again with Mojo Supermarket to bring a more light-hearted approach to the fitness category

WATCH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cwE4OmIQFU (Photo: Hydrow)

BOSTON--()--Today, Hydrow, the at-home connected fitness brand, launched its newest campaign, “Hydrow High | Balloon Man,” for those that may be experiencing feelings of deflation. Created in partnership with Mojo Supermarket, the new campaign is a fun, metaphorical expansion of the brand’s “Hydrow High” platform that provides a snapshot into both the physical and mental health benefits that the Hydrow experience delivers.

Bruce Smith, Founder and CEO, Hydrow:It’s been a mentally draining few years. And because of this, more and more people are seeking workouts that actively improve their mental health in addition to their physical well being, helping them achieve whole health. With this campaign, we wanted to illustrate that unique emotional lift that people feel when they exercise with Hydrow, and remind people that there’s still room for joy and light-heartedness within the fitness world that’s become so heavily commandeered by intensity and seriousness.”

The campaign is rooted in a hero film that follows a balloon man’s journey from abject deflation to fulfilled elation after experiencing the full-body high from a Hydrow workout. It opens with the camera fixated on the inflated balloon man (yes, an actual man that is also a balloon) floating on his home ceiling as the voiceover narrates, “I’m a naturally upbeat person.” While in a melancholy state during dinner with his partner, the narration continues, “There was a time when I felt deflated, my girlfriend tried to help… ‘What about a book club?’ So I got a Hydrow rower.” Upon purchase, the balloon man experiences that one-of-a-kind “Hydrow high” while working out and soars the sky outside of his home.

The creative is a dramatic departure from what's become commonplace in the fitness space: instead of highlighting a sleek machine in a trendy home setting, this emphasizes the distinct exuberance and full-body-and-mind lift users experience with Hydrow – revealing its truly meaningful impact.

Rachelle Avila, Comms Strategy Director, Mojo Supermarket: We analyzed the social conversation and cultural sentiment and found that many were experiencing this collective feeling of deflation. So we wanted to capture that abstract feeling along with the elevated, euphoric high that Hydrow members experience – but in a way that made both feelings more tangible. The result was a true confluence of strategy and creative. And we hope those that haven’t been feeling like themselves these past few years find relatability and inspiration to give rowing a shot.”

The new film intends to reach consumers that aren’t working out to maintain old fitness routines but rather working out to feel holistically healthier. To learn more about Hydrow and experience the high, visit http://hydrow.com.

About Hydrow

Hydrow is the leading at-home connected rower that leverages innovative technology to bring the on-water, outdoor experience of rowing to the home. Engineered by rowing experts, Hydrow recreates the feeling of rowing directly on the water via an algorithm-based, patented electromagnetic and computer-controlled drag mechanism. World-class athletes lead members through challenging rows that engage 86% of the body's major muscle groups – twice that of cycling or running – as well as yoga, Pilates, functional movement and strength training for a full-body, full-service fitness solution. With the ability to harness the visual, auditory and emotional components of rowing, the connected fitness rower delivers a best-in-class, full-body workout.



Release Summary

The fitness brand partnered again with Mojo Supermarket to bring a more light-hearted approach to the fitness category.