Temu Announces More Deals for Consumers in Store Leveraging on Sister Company’s C2M Capabilities

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NEW YORK--()--Temu, the online marketplace featuring unique merchandise at hard-to-beat prices, announced today it will expand its selection of merchandise by working closely with manufacturers to source products that fit consumer needs.

Temu will work with global manufacturers to create and curate products that match the needs of US consumers. Temu also plans to provide one-stop support in areas including logistics and after-sales service. By helping global manufacturers understand what consumers need and want on a real-time basis, Temu is able to help these manufacturers tailor-make merchandise for their specific target customers. The cost savings resulting from the quick turnaround will be enjoyed by consumers directly in competitive prices and better-matched products.

Launched in the US in September 2022, Temu was created with the goal of empowering consumers with choices of products at affordable prices. Even though it is one of the newest online marketplaces in the world, Temu has access to one of the most sophisticated sourcing networks in the world with more than 11 million merchants, built up by sister company PDD.

Both Temu and PDD operate under Nasdaq-listed PDD, which has developed a network of suppliers and logistics partners adept at responding to changes in consumer behavior. As of 2021, PDD had more than 11 million merchants serving the needs of close to 900 million users. In total, the platform handled 61 billion orders in 2021.

PDD pioneered the “Consumer-to-Manufacturer” (C2M) model of tailoring manufacturing to consumer preferences to reduce guesswork in production.

Suppliers to Temu must meet strict quality controls and can ensure the stability and quality of production. The website at www.temu.com features 15 major categories, including fashion, beauty and health, home and garden, jewelry and accessories, electronics, shoes and bags, sports and outdoors, pet supplies, office products, and more.

About Temu:

Temu is a global online marketplace featuring the widest selection of unique merchandise at hard-to-beat prices, made possible by sourcing and fulfillment capabilities built over the years. Created with the goal of empowering consumers, Temu works closely with its global network of suppliers and logistics partners to curate a range of competitively priced products that meet wide-ranging needs.


Temu team, media@temu.com


Temu team, media@temu.com