DotCom Therapy Broadens Access to Pediatric Mental Healthcare by Accepting Medicaid Payments for Teletherapy

Enrollment in Wisconsin’s BadgerCare Plus Program Marks Significant Step in DCT’s Mission to Ensure Every Child, Everywhere Gets the Therapy They Need

MADISON, Wis.--()--DotCom Therapy (DCT) today announced that it has been approved to accept Medicaid in Wisconsin and has engaged with additional state Medicaid programs to continue expanding its Medicaid enrollment later this year. Accepting Medicaid payments to provide behavioral, speech and occupational therapy to children -- beginning in its home state of Wisconsin -- marks a significant milestone in DCT’s mission to advance health equity and ensure that every child receives the care they need in a timely and affordable manner.

Accepting Medicaid, the single largest insurer in the United States, will greatly expand DCT’s ability to reach the families and children who need help the most. For example, in Wisconsin, one-third of all children are covered by the state’s BadgerCare Plus program, which fully integrates Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to offer coverage for any child under the age of 19, regardless of income.

“Our goal has always been to break down barriers to care for every child and family that can benefit from the flexibility of teletherapy. That’s why including Medicaid into our health plan contracts has always been a key initiative,” said Rachel Mack Robinson, president and founder of DotCom Therapy. “With a genuine mental health crisis among kids in America, this is a pivotal time where providing more access to care is key. At DCT, we won’t stop finding ways to expand access, and our enrollment in BadgerCare Plus is a great next step.”

DotCom Therapy’s enrollment in Medicaid helps to extend the work the company already does through partnerships with more than 400 schools nationwide, where funds budgeted by school districts help children get the help they need. With the ability to accept Medicaid payments – beginning with BadgerCare Plus in Wisconsin – the company can reach more children in partnership with schools or outside of its school system partnerships. It also helps broaden the reach of partnerships DCT has formed with health systems to supplement the therapy services they offer directly to patients.

“There are a lot of factors that have probably prevented other pediatric teletherapy companies from accepting Medicaid – from reimbursement rates, to administrative red tape. But in the end, real innovators with a mission and focus will find ways to sustainably deliver care to kids,” said Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky, former Chief Medical Officer for the U.S. Medicaid Program. “DotCom Therapy is lighting the way and creating a path for others to follow that can help lift the wellbeing of children and families across the country by making it easier to receive care when and where it’s best for them.”

By delivering behavioral, speech and occupational therapy virtually, DotCom Therapy breaks down many of the barriers that have traditionally prevented children from receiving the care they need. With a seven year track record proving that virtual care can be just as effective as in-person care, DCT has shown how the efficiencies of teletherapy can alleviate the therapist shortage by maximizing providers’ time. It can also ensure that children can work with therapists that have the right clinical expertise and are the right personality match, regardless of location, especially for children in rural and urban settings where the lack of resources is most acute. By enrolling in BadgerCare Plus, with plans to expand to other state Medicaid programs, the company continues to break down barriers to care and expand its reach to more children in need nationwide.

About DotCom Therapy

DotCom Therapy is the most comprehensive pediatric teletherapy provider for healthcare and educational organizations serving families across the nation. With a 5-star patient rating and 97% retention among its network of professional therapists, DCT provides the flexibility families and organizations require to meet the mental health, behavioral, speech, and occupational therapy needs of children in their care. DCT is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin with team members and therapists located across the United States. For more information, follow DotCom Therapy on Twitter (@DotComTherapy) or LinkedIn (, or visit


Sarah Graham
fama PR for DotCom Therapy