Francis Santa Launches Scholarship for Student Entrepreneurs

BOCA RATON, Fla.--()--The Francis Santa Scholarship program is geared towards any students who have plans on becoming an entrepreneur in the future. It is available to all university students who are currently enrolled in a course that’ll help them achieve the goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Anyone with the desire to become an entrepreneur can apply for the scholarship, including high school students who plan to pursue the career path after graduation. The chosen student for this scholarship will be awarded prize money that will go towards financing any education and tuition fees they will have throughout their university life.

For anyone walking down the path to becoming an entrepreneur, the road to becoming one isn’t easy as it is filled with hurdles and challenges you need to overcome. One of the things that play a key role in easing up these challenges is education as it equips you with the necessary skills and know-how on how to approach things as an entrepreneur. Despite this, however, attending university presents itself with its own set of unique problems as not everyone can attend it due to several reasons with the most common one being financial constraints. This exact reason is why Francis Santa has taken it upon himself and opened a scholarship program that will help ease up the financial responsibility imposed by schools.

Francis Santa understands this greatly which is why he launched his scholarship program. Having been working as an entrepreneur in the car business for over a decade, he is looking to give back to the future generation of upcoming entrepreneurs after finding success as one since 2014 when he became the founder and CEO of Business Image Lift. He hopes that his scholarship program will be able to nurture the next successful entrepreneur and inspire them to be able to help others just as he has done through his scholarship.

Interested aspiring entrepreneurs who want to apply for Francis’ scholarship can head over to the official scholarship website page. The page will contain additional details about his scholarship program as well as the list of requirements you need to submit with your application alongside any additional tasks. Furthermore, you can also learn more about the man behind the scholarship program and get to know him more on a deeper level.