Aviz Joins the Linux Foundation and Announces Free Support for SONiC Evaluations in The Enterprise

Free support with community grade SLA for all major switch platforms enables users to rapidly evaluate SONiC for their multi-vendor network fabric

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Aviz Networks, a leading provider of solutions for Open-, Cloud-, and AI-first networks, announced today that it has joined the Linux Foundation and its SONiC project, an open source network operating system based on Linux that runs on switches and ASICs from multiple vendors. Aviz has joined the foundation to accelerate multi-vendor SONiC adoption while continuing to contribute to the open networking stack. As a pioneer committed to continue to accelerate the adoption and growth of SONiC, Aviz announced that it is opening its support portal to the entire ecosystem.

Starting today, any enterprise can freely leverage Aviz’s expertise and resources in addressing SONiC deployment issues across all major platforms for their evaluations. Aviz’s support has been the key to successful SONiC deployments at large cloud and enterprise customers. With Aviz providing their expertise, network operators can complete their POCs faster for multi-vendor environments, and leverage SONiC for their production networks.

"We are excited to welcome Aviz to the Linux Foundation and the SONiC community, which is part of a strong ecosystem that supports the open networking stack, ” said Arpit Joshipura, General Manager, Networking, Edge, and IoT, the Linux Foundation. "As an open source NOS, SONiC was designed to bring fast innovation, collaboration, and reliability to the open networking community. Aviz’s support for enterprise adoption within the open-source ecosystem is a welcome addition to our continued growth.”

In the last couple years, the networking industry has seen a huge surge in the adoption of SONiC, with pretty much every platform vendor rallying behind SONiC to support their customers across verticals and geographies (read the SONiC Forecast and Research Report),” said Alan Weckel of the 650 Group. “For an open-source NOS to have widespread appeal, it needs a robust community of developers and a strong support model. Aviz is delivering that support to the SONiC ecosystem.”

Early users of SONiC often need access to the right tools, extra capacity, or additional expertise to troubleshoot and debug issues. When it comes to complex multi-vendor deployments, open-source software support can become a logistical nightmare”, said Gautam Agrawal, CPO of Aviz Networks. “Our goal is to make SONiC easily deployable on every single platform. So, we are thrilled to open our support channel to everyone in the ecosystem. Over the past 5+ years, our engineering team has amassed significant expertise in SONiC across multiple platforms. With strong partnerships and well-defined SLAs across all major Switch/ASIC vendors, we want to help the SONiC community improve user experience.”

Get FREE Support for SONiC Evaluations today at https://support.aviznetworks.com/ and ask our experts any questions you have about your SONiC POC and deployment.

Aviz recently organized the first ever SONiC Summit in Hyderabad, India with panel participation from Microsoft, Cisco, Edgecore, Keysight, and almost a hundred attendees from the open networking community. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and to further advance the customer, community, and vendor collaboration, Aviz will be hosting a follow-up event, Open Networking Day with SONiC, in the SF Bay Area on September 16th, 2022. More details coming soon!

About Aviz Networks

Aviz Networks is a leading provider of solutions for Open-, Cloud-, and AI-first networks. Aviz delivers switch platform agnostic, easy-to-use applications for network observability, orchestration, and assurance. Aviz also provides disaggregated support for multi-vendor SONiC deployments in data center & edge networks. Aviz is on a mission to make SONiC a ubiquitous, accessible, and intelligent NOS for every stakeholder.

More information is available at www.aviznetworks.com.


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