Modus Delivers Innovation: Makes Content Enablement & Engaging Modern Buyers Easier Than Ever

Summer 2022 release empowers sellers and marketers, delivering value and increased revenue

MINNEAPOLIS--()--Modus, an industry-leading content distribution and sales enablement platform company today announced further innovation. This release includes the delivery of many new content enablement and buyer engagement capabilities that empower both marketers and sellers and brings the highest value to cost ratio in the industry.

The expanded platform delivers ease of use and high adoption by emulating the prevailing user experience trends in consumer technology. It now includes innovative capability sets that make it easy for sellers to prepare for and engage customers and prospects. Research from analysts like Gartner states that sales reps need to embrace new tools and tactics to engage buyers along the buying journey. Modus provides the most modern sales readiness and buyer engagement capabilities at a fraction of the cost of market alternatives.

Modus is changing the enablement landscape by delivering a simple yet sophisticated user experience that people actually want to use,” said Scott Olson, CTO, and Co-Founder, Modus. “Content and resources are delivered to end-users on any device via enhanced AI and smart content ribbons. Sellers can leverage our new presentation builder and enhanced digital sales room capabilities to engage and collaborate with buyers along the buying journey. Our advanced analytics offering makes it easy to derive valuable and actionable insights from the comprehensive data that is collected at each step of the process.”

What’s In the Summer Release?

To deliver on its promise of innovation, Modus leveraged insights from our hundreds of thousands of end-users and the marketplace to enhance the platform with key features and functions to better support marketing and sales teams in their customer-focused business initiatives:

  • AI/Smart Ribbons - Leveraging modern AI, Modus’s platform creates smart ribbons for user favorites, most-used content and more to make finding and sharing content easier than ever before.
  • Presentation Builder - Create and edit compelling custom presentations inside the platform that are easily shared with prospects and customers to drive deal progression.
  • Digital Sales Rooms (DSR) - Immersive digital experience via a secure and collaborative microsite for virtual interactions and collaboration that delivers meaningful engagement with buyers.
  • Salesforce app & integration - Modus now surfaces content and resources directly in your Salesforce instance to give your sellers added incentive to improve CRM adoption.
  • IOS, Windows & Android - Mobility on any platform for anytime/anywhere access to all of your content for faster and better customer follow-ups that differentiate your sellers.
  • Analytics - Valuable and actionable data visually presented through customizable dashboards for effective measurement of content distribution, consumption, and sharing.
  • 5-min set-up - Get up and running on Modus in as little as 5 minutes with our quick and easy wizard that walks administrators through each step of the process.

These enhanced features are driving existing and new customers to upgrade to this next generation of Modus. They are seeing better platform adoption, increased ROI and better sales results.

"Modus has been incredibly supportive and easy to work with throughout the whole sales process, implementation, and launch. As a marketing admin, we're excited to have a platform to highlight our latest product innovations and easily manage and update the content for our sales organization. Our sales teams love the ease of use across devices, knowing they can find what they need to move deals ahead, view engagement to see buyer intent and follow up for wins. We are seeing sales cycles shrink by up to 50% in just one year – which is outstanding for our industry! Knowing our customers will have access to the most updated content and the ability to utilize Modus’s Digital Sales Rooms has fundamentally changed how sales ought to be done – and we couldn’t do it without the ingenuity of Modus."

- Jeff Alderson, MS, Senior Marketing Strategist, Digital and Events, Cold Chain Technologies, LLC

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About Modus:

Modus is sales enablement simplified. Our technology is purpose-built to enable sellers to create more meaningful engagements with buyers. The Modus platform delivers a modern UX that is easy to use, yet modern and sophisticated enough to meet the ever-evolving demands of buyers. Many of the world’s best brands, including, AT&T, Caterpillar, Konecranes, Toro, and Volvo trust Modus to help them drive revenue, build lasting customer relationships, and deliver a unique value exchange throughout the buying cycle. The others are complicated. We're simple. To learn more, visit


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Release Summary

Modus's 2022 summer release delivers competitively priced content enablement and buyer engagement capabilities to empower marketers and sellers.

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Angie Collins-Holmes
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