Samsara Beyond 2022: Driving Resiliency and Digital Transformation of Physical Operations

New Innovations from Samsara for the People who Power the Economy

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SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today at its customer conference Beyond, Samsara Inc. (NYSE: IOT), announced a series of new integrations, partnerships, and product features to further transform physical operations. Samsara is the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, an integrated platform that enables customers to access, analyze, and act upon real-time data to digitally connect their physical operations. The company’s latest innovations help customers unlock the power of physical operations data to increase their operational efficiency, worker safety, business resiliency and fuel efficiency.

“This year’s economic environment is one for the books. The world is facing disrupted supply chains, record gas prices, geopolitical uncertainty and more,” said Sanjit Biswas, Samsara co-founder and CEO. “Our customers keep the world running. With Samsara, they are managing these challenges by unlocking data from across their business to gain control of their operations. Our platform is essential in helping customers empower their workers and scale operational improvements, which impacts their bottom line.”

For example, by implementing custom integrations with Samsara’s open API, Liberty Energy (NYSE: LBRT) saved over 10,000 hours and $300,000 in administrative costs per year. It also created a custom integration with its tax service provider and expects to save $10 million per year due to the accuracy of Samsara’s real-time location tracking.

Recruiting, retaining and empowering the new industrial workforce

According to Workplace from Meta’s survey, 45% of frontline workers plan on leaving the frontline altogether. Samsara is helping customers attract and retain employees amidst global worker shortages and rising expectations.

The new industrial workforce demands easy-to-use tools and access to data that is in line with the modern technologies they use every day. In fact, according to the Samsara State of Connected Operations Report released today, 54% of respondents cite easy-to-use technology as a key factor in how they recruit and retain employees.

Samsara is investing in innovations that simplify day-to-day tasks, keep workers safe, and ultimately make their workplaces more connected. New features announced today include:

  • Driver Workflows, designed to guide drivers and field operators through the most mission-critical parts of their day. With the general availability of end-of-day workflows, linked third-party tasks, and multiple workflows in the Samsara Driver App, administrators can keep drivers safe and compliant, streamline access to tasks in external apps, and customize workflows to the needs of every driver.
  • In-Cab Nudges™, empowering drivers with the opportunity to self-correct risky behavior after receiving an AI-powered in-cab alert, before a manager is notified. By giving drivers more ownership over their own coaching and safety experience on the road, managers can save time on event review and instead remain focused on coaching the riskiest driving habits. In-Cab Nudges will be available in open beta this fall.
  • Multi-Stop ETAs, providing dispatch and operations teams accurate, up-to-date predicted arrival times at all stops along all active routes. With end-to-end visibility into real-time trip progress, customers can deliver more timely service that exceeds their customers’ expectations from the first mile to the last mile. Multi-Stop ETAs is now generally available.
  • Remote Support, allowing administrators to easily view and control mobile devices from anywhere to streamline troubleshooting, increase productivity, and support workers whether they’re on the road or in the field. Remote Support will be available in open beta this fall.

Learn more on the Samsara blog.

Connecting everything in operations

Samsara is leading the way in creating a partner ecosystem to connect all aspects of physical operations. Many customers have disparate data streams from multiple applications. Samsara captures their data into a single pane of glass and guides customers on their journey to access, analyze, and act upon data. The Samsara App Marketplace currently features over 155+ integrations leveraging Samsara's open API to streamline data sharing.

Announced today, new integrations with General Motors (GM) and Free2move, the global fleet, mobility and connected data company that is part of Stellantis, bring additional embedded telematics data to Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud. With these cloud-based solutions, customers can unlock a more holistic view of vehicle insights across their fleet – without additional hardware – and maximize efficiency as a result.

Seamless data access for the complete supply chain

The International Institute of Refrigeration estimates that 475 million tons of lost food could be saved with refrigeration each year —the equivalent of feeding 950 million people a year. Organizations dependent on temperature-sensitive shipments, from food and beverage distribution to pharmaceuticals, must ensure delivery quality to maintain customer satisfaction and avoid unnecessary costs due to load loss or redelivery.

Samsara customers can now gain real-time visibility into data from their Thermo King reefer units through a new, cloud-based integration. By eliminating additional hardware or installation requirements, this integration delivers faster deployment and reduced costs, while surfacing actionable insights more efficiently.

Samsara’s new integration with Thermo King is now available in early access to customers. Learn more here.

Customer momentum across geographies and industries

Physical operations companies around the world are facing economic uncertainty, supply chain disruptions, tight labor markets, and increased cost pressure. They are looking for a platform that allows them to connect their data across their entire operations footprint.

Last quarter, Samsara welcomed new customers across a number of geographies and industries, including Coach USA, Oklahoma City, a major United States provider of automotive, travel, and financial services, and two Fortune 500 customers: one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States and one of the world’s top-ten global retailers.

Samsara also recently announced the winners of its 2022 Connected Operations Awards. These awards honor fleets, operations, and individuals for their achievements in safety, efficiency, performance, sustainability, and innovation. This year’s winners include: Chalk Mountain Services, Southern California Edison, Summit Materials (NYSE: SUM), Liberty Energy (NYSE: LBRT), Artera, City of Orlando, Clayton County Public Schools, Technology Leader of the Year: Nathan Slemmons, Univar Solutions (NYSE: UNVR) and Driver of the Year: Jaime Herrera, All Aboard America!

An awards ceremony will be held at the Samsara Beyond conference on Thursday, June 16.

State of Connected Operations Report

As the digitization of physical operations gains traction, more companies are looking for insights on connecting their operations and unlocking data. Samsara has released its inaugural State of Connected Operations Report, a global survey of more than 1,500 operations leaders that reveals how digitization drives business resilience, why the new industrial workforce is demanding intelligent tools, and how investments in sustainability are paying off. Learn more here.

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About Samsara

Samsara is the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, which allows businesses that depend on physical operations to harness IoT (Internet of Things) data to develop actionable business insights and improve their operations. Samsara operates in North America and Europe and serves tens of thousands of customers across a wide range of industries including transportation, wholesale and retail trade, construction, field services, logistics, utilities and energy, government, healthcare and education, manufacturing, and food and beverage. The company's mission is to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy.

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