WorkFusion Forms Strategic Alliance with Google

New partnership will bring WorkFusion’s Digital Workers to the Google Cloud Marketplace, expanding availability via trusted global platform

WorkFusion Digital Workers are now available on the Google Cloud Platform.

NEW YORK--()--WorkFusion, Inc., the Intelligent Automation leader, and Google Cloud today announced an agreement to accelerate enterprise access to automation on a global scale. WorkFusion’s Digital Workers are now available through Google Cloud Marketplace, connecting the speed and scalability of skilled digital knowledge workers with the convenience and reliability of a globally trusted, secure procurement platform.

WorkFusion’s packaged, highly skilled Digital Workers are immediately productive in a variety of critical operations roles in Banking, Finance, Insurance, and other Fortune 500 enterprises. Leveraging the company’s decade of experience in automating complex operational functions, these new knowledge workers arrive on the job fully trained and immediately productive, working seamlessly side-by-side with traditional team members. The AI-enabled Digital Workers learn and improve with every assignment and interaction — delivering powerful results for reducing costs, speeding compliance, and enhancing customer experience.

WorkFusion CEO Adam Famularo said, “Demand for our Digital Workers is growing quickly, as our customers struggle with hiring and retaining traditional staff at this unprecedented time and in the face of growing compliance pressures. This new partnership with Google Cloud will provide broader access to our Digital Worker solutions for customers looking to start or expand their automation programs.”

Through this collaboration, Google Cloud will host WorkFusion’s Digital Workers for quick, convenient SaaS purchase and guided setup, enabling customers to automate their Digital Workforce within hours. In addition, customers with Google Cloud relationships can leverage WorkFusion’s Digital Workforce to burn down existing purchase commitments.

“Enterprises across industries are increasingly seeking out solutions that use AI to streamline operations and ultimately enhance end-customer experiences,” said David Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud. “We are pleased to have WorkFusion’s Digital Workers now available on Google Cloud Marketplace to help our customers simplify internal processes securely and at a global scale.”

WorkFusion SVP of Global Channels & Alliances Os Haque added, “This alliance with Google Cloud provides customers one of the most secure and trusted cloud platforms to scale the WorkFusion Digital Workers. Our mutual customers have been requesting a winning combination like this to support the automation of enterprise-level transaction volumes. Google Cloud Marketplace will now provide customers a quick and easy way to adopt our Digital Workers with just a few clicks.”

About Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides organizations with leading infrastructure, platform capabilities, and industry solutions. We deliver enterprise-grade cloud solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology to help companies operate more efficiently and adapt to changing needs, giving customers a foundation for the future. Customers in more than 150 countries turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to solve their most critical business problems.

About WorkFusion

WorkFusion is the leading provider of Intelligent Automation solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises, banks, insurance, and financial services companies.

Our AI-enabled Digital Workers augment traditional teams by performing highly skilled and decision-centric work in operations areas including customer service and onboarding, account opening and identify verification, anti–money laundering programs, and other document-intensive compliance activities. The WorkFusion Digital Workforce continually learns on the job through regular “human-in-the-loop” interactions with co-workers. Further, the WorkFusion Network, a powerful AI cloud nexus, provides shared insights, new skills, and knowledge crowdsourced from the ongoing experience of workers in multiple environments. Teams can hire our pre-configured and customizable Digital Workers or choose to build their own using the company’s AI toolsets.

WorkFusion enables enterprises to increase workforce capacity, enhance customer satisfaction and ensure ongoing compliance. Visit us at

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