SafeMoon V2 is Now Trading on the Mandala Exchange

-New exchange assists the rapid growth of the SafeMoon community and expansion of the Return on Impact model to support venture philanthropy goals-

SILICON SLOPES, Utah--()--Technology provider SafeMoon, creator of SafeMoon Protocol V2, a community-focused DeFi token and component of the emerging SafeMoon ecosystem, is now trading on the Mandala exchange.

With more than five years’ track record and a high focus on security and compliance, Mandala is the first privately owned exchange powered by the Binance Cloud platform and operates with a goal to be the most trusted digital asset exchange on the market.

SafeMoon’s entry on Mandala has been highly anticipated for several months as the two companies have worked through the details of ensuring smooth management of SafeMoon reflections (the portion of trade transactions that is reflected back to the company’s liquidity pool and to token holders). Traders will be taxed the standard 10% SafeMoon fee as well as a Mandala trading fee. Mandala will reflect 6% of collected taxes to the SafeMoon team to distribute to their allocated addresses as per the defined liquidity pool program for v2 token holders.

“Our work with Mandala towards this launch has been a significant project,” said SafeMoon CEO John Karony. “We are extremely pleased for this rollout and the additional trading bandwidth it provides for existing and incoming members of the #SAFEMOONARMY community, which is more than two million strong.

“Our North Star vision is the use of the SafeMoon v2 protocol and ecosystem to advance social impact,” Karony continued. “Our community is expanding rapidly. The ability to transact through the Mandala exchange is an important step in allowing us to manage this momentum as safely and well as we possibly can.”

“We appreciate the power and the mission of the SafeMoon community, and we look forward to a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with SafeMoon and their team,” said Mandala CEO Joseph Reiben.

SafeMoon emerged in a meteoric launch in 2021, while fine-tuning its mission in 2022 to create a human-centered company and an effective DeFi ecosystem that can bring forward and utilize the best of transparent and decentralized technology to improve human lives in all parts of the world.

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About Mandala

Mandala is the first privately owned exchange powered by the Binance Cloud platform and operates with a goal to be the most trusted digital asset exchange on the market. Launched in 2020, Mandala emphasizes customer safety and support, with a focus on security and compliance. Some key benefits of using the Mandala Exchange include: no KYC under 2 btc withdrawals, trading fees as low as 0.065%, 1100+ trading pairs, Binance's SAFU insurance policy, and multiple algorithmic bot trading integrations.

About SafeMoon

SafeMoon is a human-focused and privately-held technology company headquartered in Utah with a secondary presence in the U.K. SafeMoon introduced its unique protocol and vision in early 2021, quickly rising to support an audience of multiple million participants (the #SAFEMOONARMY) by January 2022. SafeMoon’s longer-term goal is the advancement of its Defi products and services into an ecosystem that makes the blockchain’s power available to a much broader community, and to include the power of this vast community to support and advance new sustainable technologies in a model of Venture Philanthropy, to create and propel innovations for good while also producing a profit and a sustainable model for growth. For more information, readers can visit

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Cheryl Conner, SnappConner PR


Cheryl Conner, SnappConner PR