i-Trac is the World’s First Integrated Health Journey Wearable and App for Mental and Physical Wellness

The i-Trac™ Health Journey App (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN CARLOS, Calif.--()--i-Trac™, the integrated health journey wearable and app for physical and mental wellness developed by leading experts at the forefront of long COVID and other chronic illness treatment, is now available in the US and UK. The i-Trac wearable and app help to record, document and generate insights from personalized wellness data including symptom checker, lab test results, vital signs, medication tracking, sleep, stress levels, and physical exertion. Personal wellness data can be self evaluated or shared as an objective resource with healthcare professionals to facilitate personalized wellness and assist people with chronic disease.

Sleek, ultra-lightweight, waterproof, shockproof and with a 7-day battery life, the i-Trac wearable easily integrates with the i-Trac Health Journey App for 360-degree wellness.

i-Trac is an integrated - and shareable – health journey platform for people who want to more effectively, conveniently and accurately track and manage daily mental and physical wellness,” said Bruce Patterson, MD, lead developer of i-Trac. “It’s the first of its kind developed specifically with those suffering from long COVID and other chronic conditions such as ME-CSF, fibromyalgia and post-Lyme disease in mind, and it provides 360-degree capability in tracking all components of wellness – from medications and supplements to heart rate and sleep.”

Dr. Patterson added, “i-Trac is an especially welcome breakthrough for people managing health challenges who previously had no ability to accurately record aggregate health data that is of importance to physicians as they make health choices. It’s also ideal for those who are living independently but want to share information with their personal care providers and for the growing number of health and wellness conscious who want to take a more proactive approach to management of their physical and mental health. Having both objective and self-reported symptom metrics at hand, that do not rely on the recollection of the patient, can enable more specific, productive, and actionable conversations about their wellbeing. In my work, I hear ‘I have good days and bad days.’ Having information on those days may provide answers as to why.”

As people increasingly rely on peer-to-peer information about health, especially regarding patient symptoms and in the context of chronic illness, the “wearable and shareable” i-Trac™ Health Journey App and Watch gives the ability to socialize one’s health journey, which can help him or her feel more connected with a community of support.

According to Susannah Fox, an expert on peer-to-peer healthcare, in Harvard Business Review, “51% of U.S. adults ages 18 to 22 years old say they have looked online for people with health concerns similar to their own.” This trend will continue to expand and permeate into other demographic groups with time.

The summary of a recent survey from Patients Like Me states, “There is so much value for patients, especially those dealing with chronic conditions, to get support and ideas for new treatments from people who have the disease they are researching and dealing with on their own.”

The i-Trac™ Health Journey App:

  • Allows input of laboratory test results, symptoms, medications, vitamins and supplements, and mood
  • Data can be privately shared with family, friends and physicians to compare and discuss, if the user chooses to share this information
  • Reminder alerts for when to take prescription medications, supplements, vitals and other important activities
  • iPhone and Android compatible
  • Available as part of a monthly subscription including access to community, downloadable sharing, and a holistic system for optimizing health and wellness.
  • Ideal for assisting in symptom tracking for chronic disease, long COVID, ME-CSF, and post-Lyme disease
  • Compatible with Apple and Android watches*

*Not all functionality is captured on Apple or Android watches

The i-Trac™ Health Journey Wearable:

  • Tracks multiple vital health functions including heart rate, Blood Oxygen (SpO2), sleep, activity and workouts
  • Allows continuous uninterrupted tracking for longer intervals for a high degree of accuracy
  • Provides 7-10 days of long-lasting battery life
  • Is 5 ATM water resistant and shock resistant
  • Tracks physical activities including exercise and sports in a multi-sport mode
  • Provides up to 30-days of health data memory
  • Is FCC & IC Compliant
  • Coming soon: personalize your i-Trac band in support of organizations that support medical research and people with chronic conditions.

The i-Trac Health Tracker App and Watch are available at https://itracwellness.com/

Additional images of the i-Trac Health Journey Wearable and App are available on request. For more information contact: Devin Osting at devinosting@ententeinc.com


Devin Osting at devinosting@ententeinc.com


Devin Osting at devinosting@ententeinc.com