BridgePay Simplifies Payments with Token ID - A Visa Solution

ORLANDO, Fla.--()--BridgePay Network Solutions, LLC, aka BridgePay, a leading transaction gateway and payments solutions provider, today announced its partnership with Visa, the world leader in digital payments, to provide network tokenization to its customers for all card brands to all payment processors. As part of the collaboration with Visa, BridgePay is leveraging Token ID - a Visa Solution, which empowers banks, merchants, regional payments schemes, clearing houses and other payments stakeholders like BridgePay to build, manage and control their own tokenization capabilities. Adding network tokenization technology to BridgePay’s extensive payments technology stack brings added benefits to BridgePay’s merchant clients, allowing them to deliver a secure and simplified payment experience to their customers.

“BridgePay is introducing network tokenization, enabled by Token ID, as part of our ongoing technology partnership with Visa. Network tokens are the logical evolution in fraud reduction and the secure storage of payment card information,” said BridgePay CEO Rick Taylor. “As an omni-channel gateway, it is key that we have a token strategy that supports all facets of our business.”

As an adopter of Visa’s network tokenization, BridgePay will tokenize stored payment card data. These secure network tokens can be used by any BridgePay merchant to process any card type with any U.S. processor. Merchants will experience immediate benefits using network tokens including higher fraud reduction rates as compared to online PAN-based transactions and increased authorization success rates across all card brands, all while providing their customers with a better experience.

BridgePay is performing all necessary technology enhancements with Token ID, and there will be no additional effort required by the BridgePay partner or merchant to utilize network tokens.

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