GIANT Protocol and Tango Partner to Lower Costs of Global Connectivity

Partnership will enable Tango to leverage GIANT Protocol to bring Web 3 and defi benefits to their customers to lower costs and improve loyalty with rewards

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Web3 connectivity startup GIANT Protocol, and Tango, the consumer brand of Proximus Luxembourg, today announced a partnership to bring blockchain benefits to customers worldwide.

“We’re excited Tango has become the first telecom to join us in ushering in a new era of blockchain-enabled, lower-cost connectivity to customers around the world.” said Suruchi Gupta, founder and CEO of GIANT Protocol, which aims to decentralize and democratize access to internet and financial services by tokenizing bandwidth. “Our blockchain technology paired with their bandwidth and digital solutions will enable customers to earn yield on their prepaid balance as well as rewards for going online, making it more fun and rewarding.”

Tango will become a bandwidth provider for the GIANT Protocol, including for GIANT Connect, the first dApp powered by the GIANT Protocol, which allows users to stay connected everywhere they go, on the ground or in the air. Through the partnership, Tango customers with the GIANT Connect app on their phone will be able to buy pay-as-you-go connectivity around the globe while earning yield on their account balances, receive crypto-backed rewards for staying connected and also become an indirect validator on the blockchain to help secure the protocol.

“GIANT’s approach to tokenizing bandwidth contracts and unlocking value for providers and consumers is quite unique, and we are delighted to be one of the key launch partners,” said Gerard Hoffmann, CEO of Proximus Luxembourg, a provider of digital services, communication and ICT solutions in Luxembourg. “This furthers our goal of expanding digital opportunities so people live better and work smarter.”

In addition to accessing eSIM LTE data in 118 countries, users of GIANT Connect can also access pay-as-you-go inflight WiFi on major airlines, including United Airlines and Lufthansa, as well as connect to 68 million WiFi hotspots globally.


About GIANT Protocol

GIANT Protocol was founded in 2021 to decentralize and democratize access to the internet and financial services by tokenizing bandwidth. The project partners with telecommunications and connectivity providers across the globe to create a decentralized connectivity economy, allowing anyone with a mobile phone to participate.

The GIANT Protocol team brings experience from companies including Juniper, Salesforce, Roku, and Brave, covering telecoms, security, consumer tech, and more. The project plans to launch mainnet in 2022.

About Proximus Luxembourg & Tango

Proximus Luxembourg, through its commercial brands Tango and Telindus, is a provider of digital services, communication and ICT solutions operating in the Luxembourg market.

Tango has been present on the market since 1998. As the country's leading alternative brand, Tango offers a broad portfolio of products including TV, internet, and mobile telephony services to consumers and small enterprises. The brand pursues a strong innovation policy since its inception, aiming to provide the best of technology at the fairest price.


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