Trade Like Congress: WallStreetBets and DIGTL List the Insider Portfolio on MERJ Exchange

NEW YORK--()--Though legislation has stalled during one of the biggest crises of our time, there’s no doubt that Capitol Hill is home to some of the finest investing minds of our generation, which is why the WallStreetBets decentralized application (WSBDApp), together with Digital Markets (DIGTL), is today announcing the listing approval on MERJ Exchange (MERJ) of the Insider Portfolio (ticker symbol: INSDR), a portfolio that tracks America’s favorite politicians’ trading strategies.

INSDR is a portfolio composed of securities that are fully liquid, which in this case consists of the market-beating investments found in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s portfolio. DIGTL, the technology platform well known for linking innovative assets with global investors through a network of digital securities exchanges, will connect WallStreetBets with award-winning global securities exchange MERJ to list the Insider Portfolio, supported by advisory partner Entoro, an investment bank.

“If you are not blessed with the financial savviness of the U.S. Congress members, the world of investing can be inaccessible and intimidating to the novice investors we know as constituents,” said Jaime Rogozinski, founder of WallStreetBets and strategic partner of the WSBDApp project. “In these turbulent economic times, not only Americans but the entire global community can look to our national leadership for unparalleled investing advice, and it’s never been easier with the introduction of our Insider Portfolio.”

To learn more and access INSDR, visit All interested investors can sign up and complete Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements through the DIGTL platform. Funds can be added by wire transfer, USDC, MetaMask wallet, or credit card. Once the account is created, global investors (in ~180 countries) can trade on the secondary market. Trading is open 20 hours a day and will transition to 24/7, 365 for truly global access.

“By engaging WSB’s passionate and global community of investors, DIGTL will expand access to compliant financial products with a completely integrated and full-circuit capital market structure that can't be interrupted,” said James Wallace, Chair at DIGTL. “DIGTL’s leading technology infrastructure simplifies the murky and complex process of trading securities and other assets with the efficiency of the stock market and the democratic structure of DeFi.”

“MERJ’s mission has always been to democratize investing on a global scale, and thanks to WallStreetBets and DIGTL, we’re excited to add this listing to our exchange and enable investors globally to access high-quality assets,” remarked MERJ Exchange CEO, Ed Tuohy.

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.

About WallStreetBets
Founded in 2012, WallStreetBets is a movement that aims to empower the “little guy” investors of the world against unaccountable financial institutions. The movement lacks formal leadership and is instead a grassroots decentralized effort to leverage the power of community organizing for bringing accountability and transparency.

About Digital Markets (DIGTL)
Digital Markets connects the world’s best assets with global investors through a network of digital securities exchanges, allowing issuers to quickly access the world’s capital at a fraction of the cost, and providing investors with exciting investment opportunities.

About MERJ Exchange
MERJ EXCHANGE is a licensed and regulated multi-asset, multi-currency securities and digital assets exchange. MERJ is pioneering the next generation of global financial markets leveraging blockchain technology to create the world’s first truly global, direct access end-to-end regulated exchange built for the digital era.

About Entoro
Entoro Capital served as an Advisor to the project. Entoro is an investment bank and advisory group for traditional and digital securities. Entoro offers a range of comprehensive placement and capital raising solutions for businesses interested in reaching Family Offices, Foundations, Endowments, Institutional and direct Investors for funding. The Entoro team's strength is in bringing highly vetted projects to Investors globally, with maximum efficiency, end-to-end security, and seamless execution, delivering total confidence in each investment.