Leading Cultural Intelligence Company, Collage Group, Launches Parents & Kids Research Program

WASHINGTON--()--Collage Group, the leading source of cultural intelligence about diverse consumers to more than 250 of America’s iconic brands, continues its hypergrowth with the launch of its Parents & Kids Cultural Intelligence Program. This new consumer research offering, created with input from nearly a dozen leading Collage Group member brands, is designed to cover the insights brands need to engage and activate parents and kids across race and ethnicity. This is the first syndicated resource available that offers full coverage of parents and kids with race and ethnicity overlays.

David Wellisch, Collage Group CEO and Co-Founder, explains why brands are asking for these insights: “Demographic change amplifies the need to effectively resonate with America’s diverse parents and their children. In fact, the generations most likely to have children are between 5 and 12 percent more racially and ethnically diverse than older generations. And, multicultural Americans are 10% more likely to have children under 18 living in their households.”

For many brands, the age of kids is also especially important given the development of decision-making processes–Collage Group’s research will dig deeper into this area.

Starting this spring, as part of the Program, Collage Group researchers will unveil how culture impacts the roles that moms and dads play in their children’s lives, with insights including:

  • the parenting style(s) they embrace.
  • the values parents prioritize instilling in their kids.
  • how parents navigate the impact of the changing media landscape and shifting social norms on their children.

The Program will also dig deeper into how the culture, age and gender of the child impacts parental attitudes and behaviors, including:

  • how parents respond to their children’s preferences and desires.
  • how parents select products and services for their kids across category.
  • when and how parents “hand-off” decision-making to their kids across category.

“Collage Group is committed to generating insight into every aspect of the cultural transformation of the American consumer, and this year we are thrilled to extend that commitment to understanding the impact on parents and kids,” says Collage Group’s Chief Product Officer David Evans, who oversees Collage’s syndicated research teams. “Many brands have told us that there is a significant gap in their understanding of the intersection of culture and parenting styles, and how that informs critical steps in the parent-child path to purchase. We are excited to fill that void.”

For more than 10 years, Collage Group has developed consumer insights across race/ethnicity, generation, sexual identity and gender with a focus on high-growth consumer segments. Members of the Collage Group cultural intelligence programs–Multicultural, Generations, LGBTQ+ & Gender and Parents & Kids–have access to 10+ years of consumer insights and 300+ studies with new data unveiled weekly. Learn more and get started as a founding member of the Parents & Kids program.


Mollie Turner, mturner@collagegroup.com

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Mollie Turner, mturner@collagegroup.com