Data Cleanroom Spectus Brings Privacy, Speed and Affordability to Geospatial Data Market

Company unlocks petabytes of new data supply by enabling categories of data owners who were previously unwilling to share data for privacy reasons to safely monetize their data assets

NEW YORK--()--Spectus, a purpose-built solution for the responsible analysis of location data, today announced it has officially launched to accelerate innovation, minimize upfront investment, and preempt complex privacy changes in the geospatial and mobility space.

A high-quality first- and third-party dataset driven platform-as-a-service, Spectus was created by the leadership team at Cuebiq, including Antonio Tomarchio, to grow the geospatial-focused Data Cleanroom offering, formerly known as Cuebiq Workbench. Cuebiq will remain as an ad tech business solely focused on Media Measurement and Audience Targeting, and become a channel partner of Spectus.

“Over the last three years, there has been a significant increase in adoption of geospatial analytics,” said Antonio Tomarchio, Founder and CEO of Spectus. “The pandemic accelerated this increased demand as many organizations desperately needed visibility into different trends across the nation with completely heterogenous local pandemic policies. And while the overall mobility and geospatial market is estimated to grow to $32 billion by 2027, it faces hurdles around speed to market, risk mitigation, and cost control that are preventing it from reaching its full potential. We wholeheartedly believe that Spectus is the solution to unlock the full potential of geospatial analytics at scale.”

To address these industry challenges, Spectus offers a multitenant and hybrid cloud environment with unassailable scale. The inclusion of high quality, actionable location data means a quicker time to market and a more affordable data cleanroom solution. This democratizes geospatial analytics across all organizations, even those with smaller data science teams, allowing collaboration with maximum development flexibility and minimal data-specific risks.

“Development of custom mobility and geospatial solutions has traditionally been slow, tedious and cost prohibitive, with each step requiring significant research to ensure the solution meets privacy requirements and produces consistent, accurate results,” continued Tomarchio. “Spectus streamlines the process, enabling privacy-safe development of custom mobility applications at a fraction of the time and effort.”

At the core of its offering, Spectus created a patent pending privacy-centric technology called PEM, that allows owners of mobility location data and adjacent assets to monetize their properties in a secure and controlled manner. Differential privacy technologies are applied to fully anonymize sensitive data thus allowing data analysts to access data to build analytics and apps but only export aggregated and anonymous insights.

Upon performing multiple distinct privacy "attack scenarios" as part of an independent, rigorous, third-party evaluation, Oxford AI researchers found that PEM was successful in preventing the re-identification of users within a given sample of mobility data when subject to one automated attack algorithm.

This level of privacy unlocks petabytes of new data supply by enabling categories of data owners who were previously unwilling to share data for privacy reasons to safely monetize their data assets. With Spectus, they can establish their own governance rules, maintaining full control on their data and the analytics that can be produced. New data owners include alternative location data providers such as connected cars, as well as top tier mobile apps. Spectus’ Data Clean Room offering opens up significant market potential across verticals including Financial Services, Retail, Real Estate, Disaster Relief, Transportation, Research, Healthcare, and more.

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About Spectus
Spectus is a high-quality geospatial data platform-as-a service that provides users with a privacy-centric but holistic, clear view of consumer behavior to make informed decisions. As a synergetic data clean room with industry-leading differential privacy safeguards, Spectus unlocks petabytes of new data supply and makes geospatial analytics streamlined and affordable.


Sara Serbanoiu


Sara Serbanoiu