New Report: Companies Committed to Using Pre-Employment Assessments During The Great Resignation Report Dramatically Better Hiring Results

Wonderlic’s 2022 Talent Report also identifies the most common adjustments employers are making in order to gain a hiring advantage

CHICAGO--()--Today Wonderlic, a leading pre-employment assessment company, released “Hiring During The Great Resignation: What’s Changing and What’s Working?”--a report that reveals the results of a survey they conducted of more than 1,000 hiring managers and talent professionals about their hiring experiences between April and November 2021.

Created in partnership with market research company Centiment, the report indicates that while there’s a slight trend towards streamlining hiring processes by American employers, those that use pre-employment assessments report significantly higher levels of satisfaction with the quality of their hires—and far more optimism about hiring in 2022 than employers that don’t.

Specifically, the report found that:

  • Talent professionals who use cognitive, personality, and/or motivation-related assessments were 3.7 times more likely to rate their quality of hires as “excellent” than those who don’t use assessments
  • Talent professionals who don’t use hiring assessments were 2.9 times more likely to say they felt hiring would be difficult or very difficult in 2022 than those who do
  • Similarly, hiring managers who don’t use pre-employment assessments were exactly 2 times more likely to have the same pessimistic outlook
  • Additionally, more than 85% of both groups of respondents said assessments help them identify the potential of non-traditional candidates; 84% said assessments help to more quickly identify top candidates; and 83% said assessments can help reduce turnover.

“With the huge number of employees quitting their jobs over the past 10 months, it’s not surprising employers have been tweaking their hiring processes in the hopes of finding better approaches to filling open roles,” said Wonderlic CEO Becca Callahan.

“With this survey, we wanted to dig into exactly what granular adjustments to recruiting and candidate evaluation are being made–and how well they’re actually working–in the hopes of identifying best practices useful to companies in 2022. Hopefully, this report will give employers a clear sense of what their peers are doing–and assure employers wary of using objective testing measures early in the process that it’s a step that can pay huge dividends, even in a candidate’s market.”

Additional highlights from the survey include:

  • Almost 90% of employers said they’d either added or removed important milestones from their standard hiring process
  • 24% said they’d eliminated references as a requirement, 21% eliminated an initial resume screen, and 18% eliminated a background check
  • The survey revealed a strong relationship between hiring processes with a higher-than-average amount of steps and a high quality of hire, for non-specialized roles.
  • Hiring professionals were more likely to have reduced the standard length of their interviews than increased the length–and more likely to have increased the quantity of interviews than decreased the quantity

Survey Methodology

This report was created in partnership with market research firm Centiment. The survey was conducted in November 2021 among 1,083 hiring managers and talent pros across 30 industries throughout the United States.

About Wonderlic

Wonderlic’s mission is to help HR professionals and hiring managers identify top applicants and predict on-the-job performance by providing them the most trusted, scientifically validated assessments on the market.

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Mark Rader


Mark Rader