Future Digital Award Winners Announced for Telco Innovation 2022

BASINGSTOKE, England--()--It is with great pleasure that Juniper Research announces the 2022 winners of the Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation. This year’s awards received a record number of applications, making choosing winners more difficult than ever.

These awards recognise the most innovative and impactful telecommunications solutions operating across numerous areas, including: CPaaS (Communications Platform-as-a-Service), mobile security, 5G and roaming.

The winners in each category, following our extensive application and judging process, are as follows:

Judges’ Choice

  • Juniper Research Award for Excellence in Telco Innovation
  • Mobileum
  • Telco Mover & Shaker of the Year
  • Dario Calogero, CEO & Founder of Kaleyra

Enterprise Telco Innovation

  • Best Carrier Billing Solution
  • Boku: Boku Carrier Billing Platform – Platinum Winner
  • Digital Virgo: DV PASS by Digital Virgo – Gold Winner
  • Best Steering of Roaming Solution
  • Mobileum: Network Traffic Redirection (NTR) v8.0
  • TOMIA: Smart Steering – Gold Winner
  • Best RCS Provider
  • LINK Mobility: Link Messaging RCS – Platinum Winner
  • Route Mobile: Route Mobile RCS – Gold Winner
  • Best Mobile Video Solution
  • Orange Mobility: Orange Immersive Tour – Platinum Winner
  • Best CCaaS (Contact Centre-as-a-Service) Solution
  • CM: Mobile Service Cloud – Platinum Winner
  • Agora: Agora SDRTN Solution for Telco Carriers – Gold Winner
  • Best Conversational AI Solution
  • Hyro: Hyro – Platinum Winner
  • Zammo: Zammo – Gold Winner
  • Best Conversational Commerce Solution
  • CM: Mobile Marketing Cloud – Platinum Winner
  • Sinch: Sinch Conversational API – Gold Winner
  • CPaaS Provider of the Year
  • Infobip: Infobip Customer Engagement Platform – Platinum Winner
  • Kaleyra: Kaleyra CPaaS Platform – Gold Winner

Operator & Network Innovation

  • Best Digital Transformation Project in Telco
  • KaiOS: KaiOS TechPlatinum Winner
  • Network Virtualisation Innovation of the Year
  • Console Connect: Console Connect – Platinum Winner
  • DriveNets: DriveNets Network Cloud Multiservice Solution – Gold Winner
  • Best Operator 5G Solution
  • Orange: Orange 5G Lab – Platinum Winner
  • SKYBOXE: SKYBOXE – Gold Winner
  • Best Cellular IoT Initiative
  • Eseye: Eseye AnyNet+ SIM – Platinum Winner
  • Helium: Helium Network – Gold Winner
  • Best 5G Roaming Service Provider
  • TNS: TNS Roaming Hub – Platinum Winner
  • iBasis: iBasis 5G Roaming – Gold Winner

Security & Fraud Innovation

  • Best Robocall Mitigation Solution
  • Neustar: Neustar Branded Call Display (BCD) – Platinum Winner
  • TNS: Transaction Network Services Identity & Protection Suite – Gold Winner
  • Best Mobile Identity Solution
  • G+D: SIGNiT - Data Integrity for the IoT – Platinum Winner
  • Knomi: The Knomi Mobile Biometric Authentication Framework – Gold Winner
  • Best SMS Firewall
  • Infobip: Infobip sGate – Platinum Winner
  • Mobileum: Mobileum SMS Firewall – Gold Winner
  • Best Financial Clearing Solution
  • TOMIA: Financial Clearing & Settlement – Platinum Winner
  • Comfone: Comfone Clearing Services – Gold Winner
  • Best Flash Calling Authentication Solution
  • VOX Carrier: VOX Flash Calling & Voice Firewall – Platinum Winner

Infobip Wins Two Platinum Awards for CPaaS & SMS Firewalls Solutions

“It is an honour to be recognised by Juniper Research Future Digital Awards for SMS firewall and CPaaS, as both segments are critical parts of Infobip’s strategy to provide end-to-end business communication. Over the past two years, Infobip has focused on expanding the communications capabilities of our clients and partners and, I am proud to say, we are seeing great progress in enabling telcos and enterprises alike to tackle the challenges of rapid digital transformation. Congratulations to Juniper Research for yet another successful edition of the Future Digital Awards.” – Matija Razem, Senior Vice President, Infobip.

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G+D Wins Platinum for Mobile Identity Solution

“IoT is the biggest machine mankind will ever build. So, we’d better make it secure!”, said Carsten Ahrens, CEO of G+D Mobile Security. “SIGNiT provides data integrity for multi-party IoT ecosystems. It starts directly at the data source; the IoT sensor. Digital signatures for IoT sensor data are provided by either the SIM or eSIM. The data is sealed and stored in a blockchain for controlled usage and verification. The combination of blockchain technology and SIM security is unique and the first of its kind. We are honoured to be recognised by Juniper Research for our leading innovations and market achievements ensuring data integrity, trustworthiness, and immutability of the IoT.”

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Kaleyra Wins Gold for CPaaS Provider of the Year

"I am very proud that Kaleyra is the Gold Winner of the Juniper Research Future Digital Awards 2022 for CPaaS Provider of the Year. Cloud communication has become crucial for businesses and enterprises worldwide to stay connected with their customers remotely. We are constantly adding new products and services to our already existing wide CPaaS suite. We want businesses to be able to serve the best customer experience on any channel in the most effective manner. It is gratifying to see this recognition of Kaleyra's global growth and excellence" said Dario Calogero, Founder and CEO of Kaleyra.

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Digital Virgo Wins Gold for Best Carrier Billing Solution

“It is a great honour to be recognised as the Best Carrier Billing Solution 2022. Every day at Digital Virgo, we strive to implement monetisation ecosystems for telcos and merchants by taking a holistic approach to mobile payments. These global strategies aim to make payments accessible to all in the most seamless way possible, while always seeking to create more value and revenue for our customers. We offer telcos and merchants a range of value-added services and tools to bring the most of carrier billing in a sustainable and evolving market. Our goal will continue to be in addressing their ‘glocal’ (global and local) challenges and providing an innovative and secure carrier billing ecosystem through our next-generation platform, DV Pass” said Guillaume Briche, CEO at Digital Virgo.

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Neustar Wins Platinum Award for Its Innovative Robocalling Mitigation Solution

"We know the legislative and regulatory pressure carriers are under to address illegal robocalls, so we have dedicated ourselves to creating a holistic robocall mitigation programme – and Branded Call Display is a critical component of that. It is why Neustar is so honoured to receive Juniper Research's 2022 Platinum Award for Best Robocall Mitigation Solution for Telco Innovation,” said James Garvert, Neustar senior vice president and general manager, Communications Solutions. “With rampant call fraud, consumers are not answering their phones and trust in those calls has eroded. This recognition of our branded calling solution reflects our commitment to protecting both enterprises and consumers across finance, healthcare, government and other verticals since its launch in March 2021.”

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Orange Win Two Awards for Innovation in 5G & Mobile Video

“We are very proud to receive two platinum awards by Juniper Research: one for the “Best Operator 5G Solution” with our Orange 5G Lab and the other for “the Best Mobile Video Solution” with Orange Immersive Tour – a 5G-enabled solution that offers the possibility to be at the heart of an event. Those awards are testament of Juniper Research’s recognition of the success of our Orange 5G Lab successful programme, that helps unlocking 5G’s value across Europe, as well as Orange’s Immersive Tour solution. We would like to thank Juniper Research for those awards that put the spotlight on the power of 5G” said Karine Dussert-Sarthe, EVP Product Marketing, Design and Open Innovation at Orange.

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TOMIA Wins Two Awards for Roaming

“I am very proud that this year TOMIA has won Juniper Research Future Digital Awards in two categories: Platinum Winner for Best Financial Clearing Solution and Gold Winner for Best Steering of Roaming Solution with our newly launched Steering Recommendations. This recognition validates our conviction that the investments TOMIA is making will provide our customers with the right tools to automate and simplify their entire roaming agreement lifecycle, from planning, through execution and onto settlement. At the same time, we continue to modernise all our services to tackle the underlining complexity of new technologies, such as VoLTE and 5G roaming, and IoT monetisation” said Howard Stevens, TOMIA’s CEO.

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Juniper Research announces the 2022 winners of the Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation

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