Cutting Edge Firewood Now Offered At Home Depot

ATLANTA--()--Cutting Edge Firewood, an Atlanta-based firewood company that features ultra-premium firewood and cooking wood, announces that its best-selling cooking wood products are now available through Home Depot online.

The products at Home Depot include four species of cooking wood:

- cherry wood for a wonderful sweet flavor and fragrant smoke;
- pecan wood for a nutty, smoky flavor;
- oak wood for traditional hardwood that adds a subtle smoky flavor; and
- hickory wood for a bold flavor with a powerful punch.

“We are thrilled to partner with Home Depot to make Cutting Edge cooking wood available to more customers than ever before,” said Leroy Hite, CEO and founder of Cutting Edge Firewood. “When it comes to BBQ, wood is equally important as a flavor and as a fuel. Whether you enjoy grilling in your own backyard or whether you compete in large-scale BBQ events, we have a cut and a species of cooking wood to infuse your meals with delicious smoky flavor.”

Cutting Edge cooking wood is 100% natural, with no chemicals or additives to guarantee a clean, bright burn. The company’s special drying process ensures all Cutting Edge wood is free of mold, fungus or pests.

The Cutting Edge products are available in a variety of sizes to work with every type of grill and smoker. Cuts include wood chunks, 16” splits and 8” splits to give Home Depot customers options and sizes to work best with their cooking equipment.

For those who seek authentic wood-fired crusts for their pizzas, Cutting Edge and Home Depot offer a 16” pizza wood cut for traditional pizza ovens and a mini 6” splits for portable pizza ovens.

Home Depot carries both standard and large boxes of the popular Cutting Edge cooking wood products, giving customers a wide selection for every cooking need. Each box includes matches, firestarter bundles, kindling and wood logs.

About Cutting Edge
Cutting Edge Firewood was created to provide the best cooking wood available. Cutting Edge cooking wood undergoes a special drying process so that it provides an unmatched delicious smoky flavor, lights easily and burns longer. More information is available at


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Cutting Edge Cooking Wood Products Now Available at Home Depot


Media contact: Jennifer Grizzle, 404.291.1310 or