Valiant Defines the Future of an Immersive Universe

LOS ANGELES--()--A galvanized passionate community brought together from all over the world is eager to join the Valiant Universe in an immersive way that only Web 3.0 can enable. Valiant is spearheading the future of this experience featuring their most beloved and iconic characters in a profound journey through the metaverse where collecting and gaming meet.

Driven by a community-first approach, Valiant will welcome fans and newcomers alike with a revolutionary invitation into a new medium of transformative storytelling. Fans will unite as they play, collect and earn together in an all-new platform accompanied by an official dedicated Discord channel to help players enter the Valiant Universe. Check out the teaser trailer here:

To launch their debut into the metaverse, Valiant will be unveiling a 3D Genesis Mint Pass token granting access to the first season of character NFT drops (with an exclusive bonus yet to be revealed), set to launch January 26th on the Ethereum blockchain. The digital collectibles will bring fans closer than ever before to the creators, characters, art and worlds they love by opening the doors to a truly immersive Valiant universe. To learn more about acquiring a 3D Genesis Mint Pass token, please visit:

The first season of character NFT drops will begin with the fan-favorite Punk Mambo who will be ushering fans into the Valiant Metaverse with her iconic anarchistic penchant for disruption. Each with unique rarities and limited individual traits, the Punk Mambo character NFT drop will be the gateway into the future of Valiant’s revolutionary play-to-earn game where collectors will be able to interact, engage and earn together in the Valiant Metaverse.

Valiant Entertainment has been a cultural thought leader in entertainment over the past three decades, backed up by a legacy as a respected publisher with comics, games and feature films, and will now bring its most revered IP to life in this multi-dimensional space by launching this new series of NFTs tailored specifically to its devoted fan base. The company, long-known for innovating, believes the metaverse will offer a rich and complex new medium in which to create vibrant and interactive experiences as only Valiant can.

Valiant’s extraordinary fan community has always been a driving force behind the team’s creative process and allows a closer connection between the two. The current project highlights the innovation the creative team has put into telling stories across new frontiers, and marks the start of the journey toward the debut of a new game and metaverse experience launching later this year.

Discord is where it begins with a community that shares their passion and earns together on Valiant’s new platform. With intense fan dedication combined with Valiant’s iconic IP, does this become the roadmap for a true metaverse offering?

To join the Discord, please visit:

About Valiant Entertainment

Valiant Entertainment, a subsidiary of DMG Entertainment, founded by Dan Mintz, is a leading character-based entertainment company that owns and controls the third most extensive library of superheroes behind Marvel and DC. With more than 80 million issues sold and a library of over 2,000 characters, including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, and many more, Valiant is one of the most successful publishers in the history of the comic book medium. For more information, visit Valiant on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and For Valiant merchandise and more, visit


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Release Summary

Valiant Entertainment launches NFT program with Punk Mambo IP and focus on play-to-earn gaming.


Jonah Keel, 502-640-5763