DataKitchen Introduces DataOps Training and Certification Program

First-of-its-kind training empowers data professionals to properly deploy DataOps methodology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--DataKitchen, the industry’s leading DataOps solution provider, today announced the launch of a new DataOps Training and Certification program. The first-of-its-kind course, “Fundamentals of DataOps,” educates data professionals on the “why, what, and how” of DataOps and prepares them to lead DataOps change within their own organizations.

Interest in DataOps is surging because it is seen as the key to ending data project failure. DataOps puts the focus on managing ‘data factory’ workflows and process automation. Companies that pursue DataOps eliminate errors, improve data quality, and dramatically shorten time to analytic insight. They experience huge productivity gains, giving them a significant competitive advantage.

Although many data professionals realize that DataOps offers powerful advantages, there is still confusion over what exactly it entails and how to implement it. As a result, DataKitchen created “Fundamentals of DataOps” to provide clarity and give practitioners the baseline knowledge they need for DataOps success. In creating the training, DataKitchen drew on its years of experience implementing DataOps programs at large enterprise organizations, as well as insight from The DataOps Manifesto, and its groundbreaking books, The DataOps Cookbook and Recipes for DataOps Success: The Complete Guide to an Enterprise DataOps Transformation.

“The demand for DataOps is overwhelming,” said Chris Bergh, CEO and Head Chef at DataKitchen. “However, DataOps is a victim of its own success as many industry vendors have opportunistically represented themselves as DataOps solutions, essentially ‘DataOps washing’ their products, causing more market confusion. Our definitive training gives data professionals the knowledge they need to create and implement their own DataOps strategy, as well as accurately assess DataOps claims.”

The 2.5 hour course covers the fundamentals of DataOps including:

  • Introduction to DataOps
  • DataOps Production Pipelines
  • DataOps Development Pipelines
  • DataOps Environment Pipelines
  • DataOps Implementation

After completing the training, those who pass a test will receive DataOps certification, valid for two years. The course “Fundamentals of DataOps” can be accessed on the DataKitchen website at the following link.

About DataKitchen

DataKitchen offers the only complete enterprise DataOps Platform that enables organizations to quickly, intuitively, and successfully implement and manage an end-to-end DataOps program using tools they already own. The Platform serves as the command center for a DataOps program. It simplifies complex toolchains, environments, and teams so that the entire data analytics organization can quickly innovate, seamlessly collaborate, and instantly deliver the kind of error-free, on-demand insight that leads to one successful business decision after another.


Media Contact: Liz Erk, 781-279-0370,

Release Summary

DataKitchen Introduces DataOps Training and Certification Program: Empowers data professionals to properly deploy DataOps methodology


Media Contact: Liz Erk, 781-279-0370,