Approov Named CyberSecured Award Winner for Best-In-Class Mobile API Threat Protection

“Shield Right” Authenticates API Requests, Protecting Against, Bot-Driven Data Theft, Mobile Man in the Middle Attacks, and Other Automated Attacks and API Vulnerabilities.

SAN JOSE, Calif. & EDINBURGH, Scotland--()--Approov, creators of advanced mobile threat protection solutions, today announced that it has been honored as winner of the 2021 CyberSecured Award for Best Mobile API Threat Protection by 1105 Media’s Security Today.

The CyberSecured Awards honor the outstanding product development achievements of manufacturers and suppliers whose products or services are considered particularly noteworthy in the transformation of cybersecurity.

The Approov Mobile API Shielding solution is recognized by CyberSecured Award for providing companies of all sizes, new and leading-edge, affordable threat protection for their mobile-based applications. Mobile apps have become an essential part of our lives and adoption is accelerating, but mobile apps are also an increasingly valuable target for hackers and malicious actors, and the new attack surfaces they present cannot be protected with traditional solutions.

“It is always a pleasure to evaluate the IT security solutions entered in our product awards contest. As expected, the entries this year take security to the next level,” said Ralph C. Jensen, editor in chief of Security Today magazine, and CyberSecured eNews. “The IT security products we see today are the guardians of digital networks. I am amazed at the brilliance, integrity and thoughtfulness each solution brings to the end user. With so many networking issues announced every day, the demand for robust security is absolutely paramount.”

Approov provides effective mobile threat protection for both large hyperconnected organizations and fast-growing mobile-first businesses that need to deploy mobile threat protection quickly but are daunted by complex deployments with high overhead. The one thing all Approov customers have in common is that their business depends on the seamless operation and security of their mobile apps and the APIs that service them. Approov delivers:

  • Instant, immediate effective shielding of mobile apps and their APIs from the costs of fraud, without demands on in-house talent to implement and sustain complex back-end solutions,
  • Easy back-end integration with partner solutions (e.g. API Gateways, WAFs, CDNs, etc.) for comprehensive security and control of API access,
  • Deep security expertise to stay ahead of attackers’ next moves,
  • Cross-platform consistency that’s complementary to Apple iOS and Google Android tools,
  • Real-time visibility and enhanced reporting, and
  • “Actual use” pricing that charges only for the validation of genuine active monthly users. Competing offerings also charge for rejected traffic at the backend, failed attempts by bots, scripts or tampered apps, etc.

Alexandre Branquart, CIO/CTO & Co-Founder of award-winning Swiss eCommerce platform Deindeal said: “Knowing what is calling your API is necessary to protect your mobile channel against scripts and bots that can negatively impact your revenue streams.”

Nico Gabriel, COO of mobility services disruptor Sixt, said: “In the early days of car sharing, we saw aggregators displaying the availability and location of our vehicles. Reviewing our API security arrangements, we realized how straightforward it was to extract this level of data and we worried that third parties might be able to take a further step, and reserve and access our cars via our API. We sought a solution which could authenticate API requests from our mobile apps and from third party mobile apps. We are not opposed to sharing data, but we want to control what we share and who we share it with. Approov gives us that control.”

Approov’s patented cloud-based run-time shielding solution is easy to deploy and stops mobile apps from being tampered with or cloned, protects any stolen keys from being used to abuse APIs, effectively protecting mobile apps, APIs and the channel between them from any automated attack. By ensuring only an untampered genuine mobile app running in an uncompromised environment can access the API, Approov prevents in real-time any malicious exploitation of:

  • Stolen user identity credentials via bots i.e. credential stuffing.
  • Stolen API keys and other secrets.
  • Any vulnerabilities in your apps or APIs, irrespective of whether the vulnerabilities are already known, uncovered through testing or “zero-day”.
  • Business logic of the API.
  • Man-in-the-middle or man-in-the-device attacks.

David Stewart, CEO of Approov, said: “Making mobile apps safe for consumers to use and for enterprises to operate is what we care about. We created the Approov service in order to offer the most comprehensive run-time threat protection for mobile apps and the APIs they use, in a way that is frictionless for end users and easy for developers to deploy. This last year, we’ve all seen just how foundational integrated mobile applications and services are to the fabric of our daily lives. We have also seen, through the eyes of our customers, how effectively Approov addresses the security challenges presented by our increased dependence on mobile apps and APIs, and we are very honored that Approov has been recognized by this CyberSecured Award.”

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About Approov

Approov solutions help stop API abuse at the edge, and prevent security breaches in mobile channels. With more businesses moving to digitalization and future-ready services that utilize mobile API connections, securing those connections properly can get overlooked or not fully implemented for all possible threats, exposing organizations and their users to breaches, fraud, denial of service, and other forms of API abuse.

Approov API Threat Protection provides a multi-factor, end-to-end mobile API security solution that complements identity management, endpoint, and device protection to lock-down proper API usage. It ensures that only safe and approved apps running in safe environments can successfully and securely access an organization’s APIs, and turns away unauthorized accesses by attacker scripting, bots and fake or tampered apps.


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Approov Named CyberSecured Award Winner for Best-In-Class Mobile API Threat Protection

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Dan Chmielewski
Madison Alexander PR, Inc.
C: 949-231-2965