Syntax Advisors Appoints Carly Arison President and Chief Operating Officer

NEW YORK--()--Syntax Advisors LLC, an ETF sponsor and investment advisor (NYSE Arca: SSPY, SMDY, SSLY, SYUS, SHUS), announced today the appointment of Carly Arison to serve as President and Chief Operating Officer.

“Carly has played a key role in the development and growth of Syntax and its predecessor companies for nearly a decade,” said Rory Riggs, Syntax’s CEO and founder. “With recent and anticipated launches of new ETFs and product offerings that leverage our unique technology platform, Carly’s appointment is a major step in building an organization that offers investors innovative solutions to diversification and portfolio management.”

Syntax’s investment approach, “Stratified Weight,” is based on a patented process to control exposure to business risk. It is an alternative to capitalization and equal weighted strategies: instead of concentrating on the largest companies and the most popular sectors, Syntax’s process determines the common risks companies and industries face, then divides exposure within carefully defined segments. This method seeks to provide investors with more balanced exposure across available business opportunities while still engaged in indexing.

“Stratified Weight ETFs represent a tool for investors to attain rules-based, diversified exposure to business risk,” said Ms. Arison. “Our Stratified Weight methodology seeks to deliver a diversified return across all of the business opportunities in a benchmark, rather than just the largest. I’m excited to continue driving Syntax’s mission to provide innovative product and technology offerings that help investors capture a fuller range of market opportunities.”

During her tenure at Syntax, Ms. Arison has been instrumental in building Syntax’s Stratified Weight suite of products and scaling its operational platform. As President and COO, she will manage strategic growth initiatives at the firm and continue to oversee company operations and product launches.

Ms. Arison received a B.A. with honors from Brown University and an MBA with distinction from the New York University Stern School of Business.

About Syntax Advisors

Syntax Advisors LLC provides investors with rules-based, diversified exposure to business risks via products that track Syntax Stratified Weight Indices. Using its patented AffinityTM data platform, Syntax Stratified Weight Indices are a new class of indices that reweight the most widely-used benchmarks.

Syntax Advisors has five ETFs currently available: Syntax Stratified LargeCap ETF (SSPY), Syntax Stratified MidCap ETF (SMDY), Syntax Stratified SmallCap ETF (SSLY), Syntax Stratified U.S. Total Market ETF (SYUS), and Syntax Stratified U.S. Total Market Hedged ETF (SHUS). For more information, visit


Before investing, consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. To obtain a prospectus which contains this and other information, please visit, call (866) 972-4492, or talk to your financial advisor. Read it carefully before investing.

Syntax ETFs are subject to certain other risks, including but not limited to market risk, equity securities risk, large-capitalization risk, mid-capitalization risk, small-capitalization risk, index tracking risk, passive strategy/index risk, leverage risk, options risk, derivatives risk, active management risk, and market trading risk. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

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