Homebase Spotlights Small Businesses With Matthew McConaughey

The innovative SMB team management platform has launched its Grit & Greenlights video series highlighting the hard work and resilience of small business owners across the country

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Homebase, the all-in-one SaaS platform that helps more than 100,000 small businesses manage their teams, announced today the official launch of its Grit & Greenlights video series. This series, in conversation with Matthew McConaughey, tells the unique stories of the owners of four Main Street businesses across the country, highlighting the passion, determination, and resilience it takes to start and run a small business — particularly through the COVID pandemic.

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities,” said Matthew McConaughey, a Homebase investor. “And behind every one are people taking risks, overcoming challenges, and staying true to themselves in the process. In my book Greenlights, I talk a lot about red lights, those moments of strife that stop us in our tracks — like the pandemic did to thousands of Main Street business owners and workers. In my experience, it’s how we choose to adapt or persist through these challenges, the kinds of challenges small business owners face every day, that we turn red lights into green. These are stories of hard work and resilience. These stories need to be told.”

Featuring diverse small business owners from across the country:

Cadence Kidwell, owner of Fuzzy Goat yarn and knitting boutique in Thomasville, Georgia.

Ashley and Rick Ortiz, owners of Antique Taco restaurants in Chicago’s Wicker Park and Bridgeport neighborhoods.

Zachary Sayles, co-owner of Omega Roofing in Rupert, Idaho.

Christine Ha (2012 winner of “MasterChef” with Gordon Ramsay) and John Suh — owners of The Blind Goat and Xin Chao restaurants in Houston.

They will share their unique experiences as small business owners and entrepreneurs with Mr. McConaughey during this 9-part video series from Homebase. You can watch the full series at: www.joinhomebase.com/stories

“We’re proud to support over 100,000 local businesses and their teams, who overcome incredible challenges to serve their communities everyday,” said John Waldmann, Founder and CEO of Homebase. “Small businesses touch the lives of everyone. It’s the reason I started Homebase. And every single one has a unique story to tell. We’re excited to work with Matthew to highlight the owners of four of those businesses who can be a true inspiration to us all.”

Launched out of a desire to innovate how local businesses manage their hourly teams, Homebase is enabling owners and employees alike to spend less time on busywork and more time on the work that really matters. Now, through its new Grit & Greenlights video series, Homebase is playing a role in sharing their stories — highlighting the passion, hard work, and resilience it takes to start and run a small business.

"I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to share Fuzzy Goat's story with Matthew and Homebase," said Cadence Kidwell, owner of Fuzzy Goat. "Starting a small business is challenging — and it’s been especially challenging to navigate through the new world of COVID. But I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to serve my community in the process. I'm excited to turn the page and continue to grow Fuzzy Goat through the next chapter.”

More About the Owners Featured in Grit & Greenlights: Small Business Stories with Matthew McConaughey

Cadence Kidwell, Fuzzy Goat
Fuzzy Goat is a knitting boutique based in Thomasville, Georgia, where it sells artisan yarns from women makers around the world. For owner and former academic Cadence Kidwell, it’s a third act. She took a leap of faith and left all her comforts behind to build her own small business in a new small town — and in doing so, she’s built up an entire community.
For more information on Fuzzy Goat, please visit: https://www.fuzzygoatyarns.com.

Ashley and Rick Ortiz, Antique Taco
A long-time favorite among Chicago’s Wicker Park and Bridgeport neighborhoods, Antique Taco serves up fresh tacos and margaritas made from locally sourced ingredients — along with a curated vintage vibe. With Antique Taco, Ashley and Rick are bringing together their family, their work, and their two greatest passions. Not to mention, a damn good taco.
For more information on Antique Taco, please visit: http://www.antiquetaco.com.

Zachary Sayles, Omega Roofing
Based in Rupert, Idaho, Omega Roofing runs on the motto: Treat every house like it’s your parent’s house. Co-owner Zachary Sayles learned the trade from his father and uncles. As a new dad and first-time entrepreneur, he has big plans to grow Omega into Idaho’s biggest roofing business — and one day pass it on to his daughter.
For more information on Omega Roofing, please visit: https://roofomega.com.

Christine Ha and John Suh, The Blind Goat
The Blind Goat and Xin Chao specialize in Vietnamese street food with a Texas flare. The child of Vietnamese refugees, Ha is best-known for being the blind winner of MasterChef with Gordon Ramsey in 2012. Never ones to back away from a challenge, Christine and John opened Xin Chao in the middle of the COVID pandemic — all while adapting to keep The Blind Goat open and thriving.
For more information on Blind Goat, please visit: https://www.theblindgoat.com.
And, for more information on Xin Chao, please visit: https://www.xinchaohtx.com.

More About Homebase:

Our mission is to make hourly work easier for local businesses and their employees. Homebase currently serves more than 100,000 small (but mighty) businesses with everything they need to manage their hourly teams: employee scheduling, time clocks, payroll, team communication, hiring, onboarding, and compliance. We’re tools built for the busiest businesses, so owners and employees can spend less time on bullsh*t and paperwork and more time on what matters.

Since launching in 2015, Homebase has seen impressive growth and now serves more than 100,000 businesses and more than 1 million employees. The company has also expanded beyond its San Francisco and Houston offices, launching additional hubs in Atlanta, Austin, Denver, and Toronto. Homebase offers a variety of services, including attendance, team communication, hiring, HR services, payroll processing, and pay advances. For more information, please visit http://www.joinhomebase.com.


Tara Shultz, Pitch Public Relations

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SMB team management platform Homebase spotlights small businesses with Matthew McConaughey in the launch of its Grit & Greenlights video series


Tara Shultz, Pitch Public Relations