Goonies Goes Global Market With Its Gamification Brand, App toys

- App toys for opening up an indoor gamification market for the fine arts and athletics sector

- Exported to six countries including Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia… The U.S. and European markets are next

Goonies Smart Palette. Smart Palette is an educational App toy that ensures qualitative art education by providing over 1,000 free content with its app. It can be used by connecting it to smart devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs and touch screen TVs through either a cable or wirelessly. (Photo: Business Wire)

PANGYO, South Korea--()--The COVID-19 pandemic made indoor lifestyle more important than before. Accordingly, various products and services have been developed. Countries began to introduce schemes to live with COVID-19 step by step. However, demand for products and services for such life is expected to continue as people have gotten used to their efficiency and convenience already. The rapid increase of smartphone penetration rate for children and elderlies worldwide brought continuous growth of mobile device’s accessory market.

Goonies Co., Ltd. (CEO: Lee, Yun-jae) is working to open up an indoor gamification market of the fine art and athletics sector for children with its Smart Palette and other products of App toys. Goonies has released products that enable children to grow their creativity while playing with them.

Having been established in 2014 by IoT developers, Goonies developed and made Smart Palette, a device for art education. The product can be used by connecting it to smart devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs and touch screen TVs through either a cable or wirelessly.

The educational device is a new kind of App toys that ensures qualitative art education by providing over 1,000 free content with its app.

The device is a converged IoT product that integrated hardware and application. The convergence lowers the entry barrier of smart devices for children and elderlies who are yet to be used to such devices.

It provides over 1,000 quality content for free with the connection with smart devices ensuring an experience of playing, learning and healing based on art education. Goonies upgraded the device for better convenience by focusing on portability and intuitive usability.

The business model of the product encompasses not just B2C but B2G. Goonies took a head start in South Korea’s online market for the sector through one of the leading online merchandising platforms in the country. The product is also visible in the offline market as it is on the shelves of 31 stores of Electromart (an electronics store of South Korea) and 146 stores of N.CAT (a comprehensive accessory store of South Korea). Goonies secured places for trying Smart Palette in kids’ indoor playgrounds, city and town halls, libraries, nursing homes for dementia patients, etc. It is planned to deliver around 1,000 units of the product to elementary schools nationwide.

Goonies exported the device to six countries in totals such as Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia by participating in various overseas exhibitions and business promotion events earning around USD 70,000 from export. The overseas reference made the company a global brand.

Goonies’ revenue from overseas e-commerce through Amazon and other leading online shopping platforms in South East Asia marked USD 12,000 per month. Smart Palette has been sold for over 700,000 units so far. The company is ready to secure additional sales channels. Its product has been already made visible to the public via overseas influencers’ social media.

Having been selected for one of the Top 100 businesses at the Echelon ASIA SUMMIT, one of the largest startup-related events in Asia, Goonies secured business networks of Asia’s investors and collaborative partners.

The company plans to export its product to the U.S. and European markets by capitalizing on its experience of attracting investments from Samsung Venture Investment and its business partners.

“Smart Palette brought us the Presidential and grand prizes at several governmental projects and data-utilization contests demonstrating business expandability of it,” CEO Lee Yun-jae of Goonies said. “Currently, we’re securing marketability of App toys through continued sales increase.”

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YK.Shin, Team manager

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Goonies goes to the global market with products of its gamification brand App toys and Smart Palette, an art education device.

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YK.Shin, Team manager