Ali Wing Joins Joywell Foods as Chief Executive Officer and Announces Fall Bay Area Joywell Sampling Events

Company seeks to unlock the power of nature’s sweet plant proteins;
Wing brings broad expertise across consumer-focused industries
as a founder and growth leader focused on healthy living

DAVIS, Calif.--()--Joywell Foods, a food technology and consumer goods company specializing in sweet plant proteins, announces the appointment of Ali Wing as Chief Executive Officer who joined earlier this year.

Wing comes to Joywell as an experienced growth leader. Most recently, Wing served as the chief consumer officer of a healthcare technology company, Bright Health (NYSE: BHG). Prior to Bright Health, Ali’s career has spanned consumer goods, retail and technology as a brand leader at companies including giggle and NIKE. Wing also serves as an independent Director for Casey’s General Stores (NASDAQ: CASY) and Worldwide Orphans.

“Ali’s background as a customer centric executive with a track record of entrepreneurship, brand strategy and growth leadership will be critical as she moves Joywell Foods to its next stage of commercialization and market impact,” said Rajesh Swaminathan, Partner at Khosla Ventures.

“I am excited to join Joywell. Sugar is the fossil fuel of our diets and consumers are searching for better sugar alternatives. Sweet plant proteins offer a game-changing solution for our modern-day sweet tooth,” said Ali Wing, CEO, Joywell.

Adds Wing: “Sweet proteins deliver great taste, are much lower in calories, and don’t affect insulin or blood sugar levels. Our products have the potential to really change the way we think about our sweets. I couldn’t be more excited to bring Joywell to market.”

Sweet proteins are 2,000-5,500 times sweeter than sugar. Because a little goes a long way, sweet proteins not only offer a great tasting and healthier alternative to sugar but also a more planet-friendly option. By leveraging precision fermentation, Joywell is unlocking the potential of sweet proteins by making them an affordable sugar alternative at scale.

“Sugar is a part of everyone’s diet. Industry-wide, CPG companies are working to do their part in reducing sugar. It’s why our investment in and partnership with Joywell is so important. Joywell has a singular focus on providing a sweet tasting plant-based protein alternative to the sugar that currently dominates the food we eat,” said Steve Sanger, Partner at Evolv Ventures.

Joywell will be sampling sweet protein “Pop Lolly” popsicles throughout the Bay area this Fall, beginning at the Alameda County Fair on October 28th & 29th. Joywell’s full list of popsicle sampling events are:

Thursday, 10/28 3pm-10pm:

Friday, 10/29 3pm-10pm:

Saturday, 10/30 9am-5pm:

Sunday, 10/31 10am-5pm:

Tuesday, 11/2 10am-6pm:

Wednesday, 11/3 9am-7pm:

Thursday, 11/4 10am-6pm:

Friday, 11/5 10am-6pm:

Saturday, 11/6 9am-7pm:

Sunday, 11/7 9am-7pm:

About Joywell Foods

Joywell Foods is a food technology & consumer goods company leveraging precision fermentation to unlock the power of sweet plant proteins in our modern diets. Offering a better tasting & healthier alternative for the modern day sweet tooth, Joywell’s sweet protein platform presents a category-defining brand opportunity to change the role of sugar in our favorite foods. Investors include Khosla Ventures, Evolv Ventures, SOSV & Alumni Ventures Groups.


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To learn more please visit or reach out to:
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