GrainPro Announces Strong Q3 2021 Results

WASHINGTON--()--GrainPro Inc today announced strong third quarter 2021 financial results with sales increasing by 76% over the same period last year.

“GrainPro is committed to serving the needs of our customers across the globe, with a focus on driving social and environmental progress,” said CEO Jordan Dey. “As we continue to invest in GrainPro’s mission the financial results are following.”

GrainPro implemented a five-year strategic plan in 2020, intended to professionalize the company, focus its mission and scale its impact.

GrainPro’s three largest sales divisions - Asia, Africa, and Latin America - all grew significantly in the third quarter with an increase in revenue of 100%, 86% and 47%, respectively, over the same period last year. The company is profitable.

GrainPro is projecting a nearly 50% increase in total sales in 2021, making it the most successful year in the company’s history, according to Jim Sherblom, GrainPro’s Chief Financial Officer and a social impact investor.

“GrainPro’s triple bottom line approach helps us make a significant impact on hunger and poverty, while building a company committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, while providing a good financial return to our investors,” said Sherblom. “This is the future of social impact investing.”

GrainPro manufactures post-harvest solutions that help improve the quality of life for farmers by organically protecting their commodities against food losses.

“Our vision is a healthy planet without hunger and poverty,” said Dey. “We are devoted to transitioning small farmers from survival mode to prosperity.”

The company’s 145 employees are spread across Asia, Africa, Latin America and the US.

The company, founded in Concord, Massachusetts in 1992, is committed to helping reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, including No Poverty (SDG #1), Zero Hunger (SDG #2), Gender Equality (SDG #5), Reducing Food Loss (SDG #12.3) and Climate Action (SDG #13).

About: GrainPro Inc is a mission-driven company dedicated to sustainably reducing world hunger. GrainPro develops hermetic storage technology for farmers, empowering them to protect their hard-earned harvest against losses. Working with people from a rich variety of cultures and backgrounds and with partnerships in Africa, Asia and Latin America, GrainPro believes that working together we can eliminate hunger and poverty globally.


For more information, please contact Jordan Dey at GrainPro ( or 202-247-5126).

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For more information, please contact Jordan Dey at GrainPro ( or 202-247-5126).