Founder and CEO of PhillyLiving Announces JerseyLiving Expansion Plan

PHILADELPHIA--()--Noah Ostroff, the Founder & CEO of PhillyLiving, one of the leading real estate businesses in the country, today announced an expansion plan for his JerseyLiving brand.

Established in 2014, the JerseyLiving brand realized minimal growth over the years until the arrival of current JerseyLiving agents Andrew Mascieri and Emily Greenberg, who have become the foundation for a strong team. This week, Andrew Mascieri, the top producer on the PhillyLiving team, officially accepted the role of team leader for JerseyLiving.

“I’m extremely proud of Andrew Mascieri for stepping up and taking the helm,” said Mr. Ostroff. “Andrew has been an incredibly hard working and productive agent and I’m excited to watch him lead others to success.”

Under the plan for expansion, a website was launched to showcase JerseyLiving and Mr. Mascieri will be focused on adding several top-notch agents to the team. A marketing plan will be initiated with the goal of increasing revenue thirty percent this year through JerseyLiving.

“It’s an honor for me to be asked to lead the JerseyLiving team - a great opportunity that I wholeheartedly accept,” said Mr. Mascieri. “We’re going to build a small but specialized team we can all be proud of.”

For more information on JerseyLiving or to discuss the possibility of becoming an agent on the JerseyLiving team, contact Andrew Mascieri at

About PhillyLiving & JerseyLiving:

​​What started as a one-man team led by Noah Ostroff in 2010 has become a full-service organization known as PhillyLiving, with 30+ agents, property managers, and an experienced in-house operations group that supports all types of real estate transactions. In 2014, Noah launched JerseyLiving, which has since come under the leadership of agent Andrew Mascieri. In 2017, PhillyLiving acquired the largest real estate rental brokerage in Philadelphia, the Philly Apartment Company, which has leased 15,000 properties to date. Most recently in 2020, a new division of PhillyLiving called PhillyLiving Management Group was formed to expand the business in the area of property management.


Noah Ostroff

Release Summary

Noah Ostroff, Founder & CEO of PhillyLiving, a leading real estate business, today announced an expansion plan for his JerseyLiving brand.


Noah Ostroff