National Philanthropic Trust Marks 25 Years Helping to Increase Philanthropy in Society

Largest national, independent public charity managing donor-advised funds marks 25 years connecting donors to charities

JENKINTOWN, Pa.--()--National Philanthropic Trust (NPT), the largest national, independent public charity that manages donor-advised funds (DAFs), marks 25 years in 2021 of helping to increase philanthropy in society. NPT has raised more than $27 billion in charitable assets and distributed $15.5 billion in donor-recommended grants since the organization’s founding in 1996.

“In 1996, NPT set out to increase philanthropy in society and since then, trust and integrity have been the cornerstones of everything we do,” said Eileen Heisman, CEO, National Philanthropic Trust. “Since our launch in October of 1996, we have been fortunate to work with donors, partners and institutions who are sincere in sharing our vision. It has been gratifying to see NPT become a trusted partner in facilitating philanthropy through these many meaningful relationships.”

NPT has helped donors fulfill almost 500,000 donor-recommended grants to charities in the U.S. and around the world. Grant highlights include:

1997 – Funding for educational opportunities for young women
2001 – Supporting relief and recovery efforts after September 11, including grief and counseling services to children who experienced trauma
2005 – Providing immediate and long-term Hurricane Katrina relief, including housing, medical services, education and personal care
2010 – Providing disaster relief assistance to victims of the Haitian earthquake
2013 – Helping families and individuals across the Eastern Seaboard impacted by Hurricane Sandy
2016 – Supporting individuals recovering from opioid addiction, as well as working to end stigma surrounding addiction
2018 – Funding safe, creative spaces for artists of all backgrounds to showcase their talent through contemporary art
2020 – Addressing every aspect of COVID-19 relief and vaccination efforts, including personal protection equipment for healthcare workers, childcare services and vaccine distribution

“Every grant reflects the heart and charitable intent of an NPT donor, their interests and even their legacy,” said Heisman. “NPT donors have recommended grants to support charitable missions that touch all our lives and communities.”

In 2006, NPT published the first Donor-Advised Fund Report as a free public resource. Today, due to its unmatched depth and breadth of research, the report is considered the sector’s authority on DAF philanthropy as well as an important resource for nonprofits to understand and build relationships with DAF donors. In January 2021, NPT published the first review of the DAF sector’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As interest in DAF philanthropy surged during the past 25 years, NPT responded with uniquely flexible tools and services to help make donor-advised fund grantmaking easier and faster for donors. In 2012, NPT introduced NPT Charitable Asset Trust to help donors convert non-cash assets into charitable funding. In 2013, NPT launched NPT Transatlantic, a dual-qualified charity based in London offering DAFs to philanthropists holding dual citizenship. In 2019, NPT founded NPT UK, offering DAFs to philanthropists based overseas. In 2018, NPT began offering a proprietary group of impact investments.

“Philanthropy, or ‘love of humanity,’ has been part of our connection to others for thousands of years. And we know from the last few years that philanthropy has continued to evolve,” said Heisman. “Through our first 25 years, NPT has maintained its focus on providing a premium donor experience. We tried to anticipate what donors want and need to realize their philanthropic aspirations. As the charitable landscape evolved, so did NPT. And there is more to come as our world is always changing and shifting in new and different ways.”

About National Philanthropic Trust

Founded in 1996, National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) marks its 25th Anniversary in 2021 as the largest national, independent public charity that manages donor-advised funds and one of the leading grantmaking institutions in the U.S. Since its founding, NPT has raised more than $27 billion in charitable funding and has made more than 434,00 grants exceeding $15.5 billion to nonprofits around the world. NPT annually publishes the Donor-Advised Fund Report, the sector’s authority on the state of DAF philanthropy. In early 2021, NPT published the first sector-wide survey of DAF response to COVID-19, the DAF COVID Grantmaking Survey. Visit NPT’s resource library to learn what you can do with a DAF and NPT impact investing solutions. More at and


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National Philanthropic Trust celebrates 25th anniversary, connecting donors to charities with 500,000 grants around the world.


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