Atlan announces partnership with Snowflake to enable data collaboration across the modern data stack

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Atlan, the data collaboration hub for modern data teams announced a deep partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. Just a few months ago, Atlan had announced its Series A fundraise led by Insight Partners along with high profile angels such as Bob Muglia, the former CEO of Snowflake.

Atlan’s data collaboration platform creates a unified discovery and collaboration experience across the entire modern data stack. By combining data cataloging, lineage, and governance, Atlan equips data teams to build, ship and maintain outputs like true engineers while enabling the rest of the organization to self-serve.

"We are excited to partner with Atlan to offer their modern data governance and collaboration capabilities to our customers," said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Global Technology Partnerships at Snowflake. "Atlan's open API based approach, pay-as-you-go model, and delightful user experience align well with Snowflake’s own ethos, and what customers are demanding from their tools."

Atlan's quick DIY setup, pay-as-you-go approach, and collaborative lens to data governance have garnered traction quickly with Snowflake's customer base.

Danielle Boeglin Ragan, Vice President of Data & Analytics at Techstyle commented, “As we rolled out our modern data platform on Snowflake, we were looking for a product that made it easier to democratize our data and was less dependent on someone central answering each individual analyst’s questions on a one-off basis. Legacy solutions in the market were tailored to legacy systems and approaches where IT or a single data stewardship team owns the data. Atlan was the only solution that was built for a collaborative, bottom-up approach. With native integrations with our modern analytics stack like Snowflake and Tableau, Atlan was very easy to set up. We had all of our data sources flowing within the first day.”

Simultaneously, Atlan customers benefit from the speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of Snowflake’s platform. With Snowflake, analytics that previously took hours to even days can now be delivered in minutes, enabling companies to generate more trustworthy and accurate analytics, more quickly and easily.

Another joint customer, Scripps Health uses Atlan to speed up their data warehouse and BI development process. As Victor Wilson, Data Architect at Scripps Health said, "As we continue to grow our cloud environment with Snowflake and BI tools like PowerBI, our largest gap was lack of enterprise-scale visibility into what we were developing. From a developer perspective, the ability to purvey the data environment and quickly identify data sets for your projects (and see the relationships and lineage between assets) will significantly speed up development. From a consumer perspective, having all of the metadata (business and technical) in a single place improves the consumption and usage of the products we produce. Atlan is a great product and one that we would definitely recommend. Compared to other products in the marketplace, the combination of features, pay-as-you-go pricing model, and access to the product team is unmatched."

Bob Muglia, Snowflake's former CEO and an angel investor in Atlan, commented, "Atlan’s unique, collaboration first approach for the modern data stack helps to break down organizational silos and empower cross-functional teams to work together to make better business decisions."

Atlan and Snowflake are together building a strong joint roadmap to enable deeper integration between both platforms. "Our native Snowflake integration is incredibly deep and best in class. We generate lineage at an individual column level in Snowflake and can extend this to BI tools like Looker and Tableau — all as a native capability. We are making significant investments into our joint roadmap with Snowflake and super excited to usher customers into the data governance 3.0 era together," said Prukalpa, co-founder of Atlan.

Atlan was recently recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor 2020 in DataOps, one of the top 3 companies globally to make the list.

Atlan and Snowflake, along with partners such as Looker, recently announced the launch of the Modern Data Platform Webinar Series to feature the best-in-class tools and practices needed to create a modern data platform.

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About Atlan

Atlan is a modern data collaboration workspace (like Github for engineering or Figma for design). By acting as a virtual hub for data assets ranging from tables and dashboards to models and code, Atlan enables teams to create a single source of truth for all their data assets, and collaborate across the modern data stack through deep integrations with tools like Slack, data warehouses like Snowflake & Redshift, BI tools like Looker, Sisense & Tableau, data science tools and more. A pioneer in the space, Atlan was recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in DataOps, as one of the top 3 companies globally.

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Surendran Balachandran

Release Summary

Atlan announces partnership with Snowflake to enable data collaboration across the modern data stack.


Surendran Balachandran