Kinesso Launches Kinesso Intelligent Identity

Solution delivers 20%+ campaign reach improvement

NEW YORK--()--Kinesso, IPG’s marketing intelligence company, today announced the launch of Kinesso Intelligent Identity (Kii, pronounced “key”), a future-resilient solution that enables marketers to reach and connect with relevant audiences, in a world where third-party cookies and mobile ad IDs are increasingly absent. Kii makes possible the consistent, privacy-first approach to identity that’s required to plan, execute, and measure great customer experiences. It is the only solution that opens all ‘doors’ in the addressable marketing ecosystem, across the open web and with ‘walled gardens.’ Kii enables an increase in relevant campaign reach – typically 20% through match rate improvements – to deliver better marketing and customer experiences at a lower cost to brands. Furthermore, Kii locks in higher standards of security and privacy by reducing data movement and by helping ensure people’s interests and data rights are respected.

“While brands are spending billions of dollars on technology to ensure addressability ahead of the demise of the third-party cookie, no approach has been able to connect identity across all ‘doors’ of the marketing ecosystem,” said Arun Kumar, CEO at Kinesso and Global Chief Data & Marketing Technology Officer at IPG. “Rather than merging all channels into one integrated ‘firehose’, Kii unlocks the borders between media, paid, and direct mail, in a channel agnostic way, to truly solve addressability and deliver seamless, relevant and respectful customer interactions.”

Already live with clients across a range of verticals, Kii is the identity spine between martech and adtech, adaptable to both the open web and so called ‘walled gardens’ like Google and Apple, giving brands the ability to protect the quality of their omnichannel customer experiences. Kii enables marketers to navigate the future – including growing fragmentation, regulation, and consumer expectations – no matter what it holds.

Unique benefits to Kii include:

  • Advancements in audience syndication. Cascade Syndication is a proprietary approach that improves addressable campaign activations by matching audiences to a media outlet through onboarders and/or direct connectors, adjusting filtering to achieve the highest level of accuracy. Kii has enabled an increase in campaign reach of typically 20% through match rate improvements via Cascade Syndication, compared to campaigns only syndicating through a single third-party onboarder in beta testing.
  • Cost savings. Kii can take in a brand’s first-party CRM data and map it to Kii identifiers, reducing the costs associated with third-party onboarders and eliminating activation minimums. And Kii’s pre-syndication match estimates for numerous platforms allows brands to avoid paying for unmatched records.

IPG Mediabrands, the media and marketing solutions division of Interpublic Group, and The Trade Desk are among the first media partners committed to utilizing Kii.

"Smart marketers are deliberately keeping their options open in this brave new world of data-driven marketing and not getting locked in—or out," said Daryl Lee, Global CEO of IPG Mediabrands. "Kii’s superpower is in its seamless ability to weave together audience scale in the most effective and responsible way. Our clients understand that having access to all audiences, regardless of which ‘garden’ they are gated in, is key to re-aggregating reach, deepening engagement and driving growth for their business and brands.“

"More than ever, the industry is working together to develop new identity solutions that preserve the core value exchange of the internet -- relevant advertising for free content – in a way that provides precision for advertisers, value for publishers, and more control for consumers,” said Jeff Green, CEO and co-founder, The Trade Desk. “A key element of this work is interoperability, a key characteristic of Unified ID 2.0. We are excited that Kinesso will be a closed operator of UID2 and that it will be interoperable with their Kii solution.”

Kii is currently available in the U.S., with planned expansion to the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada and more in 2022. To learn more about Kii, visit

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Lanie Miller Jones


Lanie Miller Jones