Webinar: A Game Changer for Community Banks -- Digital ID Verification

Executives from Professional Bank, Clement Advisory Group, and The Clearing House Join Vouched CEO John Baird to Discuss Digital KYC, Security and Compliance for Community Banks

SEATTLE--()--Vouched, a developer of proprietary, AI-powered, real-time identity verification, announced today a panel discussion on cybersecurity and onboarding, taking place at 2:00 PM CDT on September 29th, 2021. The panel, including The Clearing House, Clement Advisory Group, and Professional Bank will discuss ensuring security and compliance for business.

“At Professional Bank, we look to provide concierge service with speed to help our clients make the most of your time, assets, and opportunities. Vouched’s real-time identity verification makes it easy for us to onboard clients remotely through seamless technology,” said Ryan Gorney, Chief Information Officer, Professional Bank.

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the necessity for digital transformation has become increasingly apparent, especially for the banking industry. Forward-thinking banking institutions have already begun employing processes and best practices to integrate digital identity verification into the onboarding process. Professional Bank is committed to making products and services accessible to the community, digital tools such as these complement our efforts.

With over 80 years of combined experience, our expert panel will provide a deeper analysis into the customer mindset, as well as discuss AI-powered solutions to empower business rather than just protect it.

Joining the panel will be:

Ryan Gorney - Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer of Professional Bank

An accomplished and proactive digital executive with a record of leading organizations through complex and strategic technological transformations, Mr. Gorney previously oversaw the digital strategy for KeyBank, a $135 billion financial services company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio from 2014 to 2016, where he significantly reduced annual operational expenses. Prior to that, he held senior management and executive director positions where he assisted companies in deploying cutting-edge digital strategies.

Garry Clement - President & CEO - Clement Advisory Group

For over 3 decades, Mr. Clement has advised on financial service business models and delivery channels, investment strategies and approaches, and investment products and vehicles. He has also served as a member of law enforcement, working undercover internationally on financial crimes including money laundering.

Steve Ledford - SVP Products and Strategy - The Clearing House

With more than 30 years’ experience in the US and globally, Mr. Ledford and Clearing House facilitate trillions of dollars in payments daily. He works with payments leaders on strategic issues facing banks today and leads initiatives to address them, while advising clients on business strategy, operations, and deployment of new payment systems.

To sign-up for this informative panel, visit https://event.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1494073&tp_key=718142c771&sti=vouched.

About Vouched

Vouched is award-winning artificial intelligence and computer vision that powers end-to-end visual identity verification, KYC, and fraud detection online in real-time. An expert on more than 550+ government-issued identity documents in 60+ countries, Vouched helps banks, fintechs, healthcare providers, and gig and sharing companies verify and onboard users to provide access to life’s most critical services instantly. Learn more at www.vouched.id

For more information on Vouched, visit www.vouched.id, or contact Vouched communications at 1-800-674-8798 or press@vouched.id.


Erin Hall, erin@sintercompany.com, 646-707-1691


Erin Hall, erin@sintercompany.com, 646-707-1691