ERI Launches First-in-Industry, Proprietary ESG Impact Report and Calculator

FRESNO, Calif.--()--ERI, the nation’s largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company, announced today that it has launched its industry’s first Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact Report and Calculator service.

Effective immediately, ERI’s proprietary ESG Impact Report will now be offered by ERI as a value-added service to its customers, providing key data points on the impact that each customer’s electronics are having on the planet. The report is available to ERI customers via request and via Optech, ERI's proprietary technology tracking and evaluation solution.

The new ESG Impact Report details data points on how the devices provided to ERI are impacting the environment. The data takes into consideration the final disposition of each item and what impact recycling or repurposing those electronics have on the environment. Data points include total pounds recycled, total pounds reused, CO2 equivalents and how the data translates into meaningful, real-world metrics. The Report also provides a detailed breakdown of commodities produced through recycling, including glass, metals, plastics, and more.

“From working with many of the world’s largest brands, who turn to us to help them achieve their sustainability and cybersecurity/data destruction goals, we know that ESG is an area receiving laser focus across all industries,” said John Shegerian, ERI’s Chairman/CEO.

“Our new proprietary ESG Impact Report – just the latest game-changing innovation by ERI, and one we are extremely proud of – further demonstrates our commitment to people, the planet, and privacy,” said Shegerian. “We understood that this tool is critically needed right now, and we are extremely proud and excited to be the first to provide it. With ERI’s ESG Impact Report and Calculator, our customers can now easily see how the electronics they bring to ERI are positively impacting the environment – and how their actions are helping them to achieve their ESG goals."

ERI is the largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States. ERI is certified at the highest level by all leading environmental and data security oversight organizations to de-manufacture, recycle, and refurbish every type of electronic device in an environmentally responsible manner. ERI has the capacity to process more than a billion pounds of electronic waste annually at its eight certified locations, serving every zip code in the United States. ERI’s mission is to protect people, the planet and privacy. For more information about e-waste recycling and ERI, call 1-800-ERI-DIRECT or visit


Media contact: Paul Williams, 310/569-0023,

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ERI has launched its first-in-industry, proprietary ESG Impact Report and Calculator service, providing data on the impact of users' electronics.

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Media contact: Paul Williams, 310/569-0023,