Banzai Appoints New Vice President of Marketing, Ashley Levesque

The premier SaaS-based Engagement Marketing company elevates a rising star to a critical position

SEATTLE--()--Banzai, the premier SaaS-based Engagement Marketing company, announced Ashley Levesque as the new Vice President of Marketing. When Banzai acquired Demio, adding the top-rated webinar company to its fast-growing Engagement Marketing enterprise, they also added Demio’s standout Director of Marketing Ashley Levesque. In a few short months, Banzai chose to elevate Ms. Levesque as the new Vice President of Marketing for all of Banzai.

The appointment comes at a perfect time as Banzai’s leading and burgeoning capabilities now cover a wide array of live, virtual, on-demand, and hybrid event capabilities just as the economy is opening. A recent post on LinkedIn about Ms. Levesque’s appointment went viral with over 2.5 million views, 63 thousand reactions, and over 3000 comments.

“Ashley has an extraordinary ability to connect with people, and she’s a great reflection of Banzai’s mission and values. Ashley has had a meteoric rise from executive assistant to senior executive in just five short years, and she’s exactly the type of person we want in leadership. We’re sure Ashley will be a major contributor to Banzai’s success as we continue to hyper-scale,” said CEO Joe Davy.

Ashley’s experience at Demio led to industry-wide respect for the webinar giant that paid full attention to its customers’ creative and marketing needs, giving them engaging customizations and ease of use that help customers take their webinars to another level. Her expertise in generating customer success, building marketing organizations from the ground up, and creating high-energy engaging marketing programs fit perfectly into Banzai’s growth strategy. As a results-oriented and impact-driven communications professional, she is uniquely suited to drive strategies that bring success to the thousands of Banzai customers, as well as all Banzai employees and partners.

“Modern marketers are revenue-driven and insistent on leveraging two-way communication channels to build relationships with their customers and prospects. Gone are the marketers who look at the data alone without the human context. I look forward to continuing to work with today’s best marketers on driving real impact in their business with Banzai’s solutions,” she says.

About Banzai

Banzai’s mission is to restore the human connection in marketing. Banzai solutions make it easy for marketers to discover their qualified buyers, deepen their relationships with them, and convert them to customers.

Banzai is a leading enterprise SaaS provider of Engagement Marketing solutions for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Banzai solutions are used by thousands of customers like Adobe, Dell Technologies, Nextiva, and Pure Storage. Banzai supports the unique needs of marketers, growing their event audiences and creating more engaging marketing experiences. To learn more, visit us at


Ben Cooke