IMS Digital Ventures Launches Acuity

Anastasios Papadopoulos (standing), Dennis Plomp and Emmy Chung of IMS Digital Ventures (Photo: Business Wire)

HONG KONG--()--IMS Digital Ventures, the venture building arm of Integrated Management Systems, one of the leading digital transformation agencies in Asia, launches Acuity: an end-to-end e-commerce platform that delivers game-changing growth for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands. An all-in-one solution, Acuity is the partner of choice for ambitious brands that recognise world-class technology, data intelligence, and impactful digital marketing as defining pillars to achieve scale.

Disruptors and start-up businesses are frequently hindered by the significant limitations of existing third-party e-commerce solution providers. Rather than powering growth, the technological tools that many of these brands use while attempting to penetrate new markets either have too many limitations or are cumbersome and convoluted – and often come at eye-watering price tags. Acuity eradicates these difficulties by combining its next-generation ecommerce platform with a robust portfolio of supportive services, providing small- to medium-sized brands the means to compete against established market leaders through agile growth globally and at scale.

"We realized that most young brands don't compete on the same playing field as their larger, more established rivals when it comes to ecommerce capabilities. We've decided to give them a fair shot by investing in Acuity," explains Anastasios Papadopoulos, CEO of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) and IMS Digital Ventures.

Cutting-edge technology and world-class innovation come together in one, game-changing platform
Acuity benefits from the cutting-edge technology and world-class innovation that characterises the USD 250 million company portfolio across IMS and IMS Digital Ventures. Acuity’s revolutionary proprietary digital framework comprises of three pillars that de-silo ecommerce operations from digital marketing and data, creating a fully integrated ecosystem. Drawing on extensive brand-building expertise and state-of-the-art technological stack, the result is a seamless transition between touchpoints for consumers; streamlining the path to purchase through automation so that brands can focus on strategic market initiatives.

Acuity’s three-pillared approach radically changes the stakes for small- to medium-sized businesses looking to aggressively capture market share from established industry leaders
Acuity Ecommerce empowers brands with a revolutionary, scalable platform that enables full customisation and third-party integration to enhance the shopping experience. Powered by predictive intelligence and built-in machine learning, brands can tailor every customer's visit to their online storefront by delivering personalised search results, product recommendations, and other experiences. Supported by a dynamic team of ecommerce specialists, brands are also relieved from the pressure of recruiting and training inhouse talent while feeling confident that their online value proposition to clients is compelling and effective in accelerating global sales.

Acuity Marketing takes on a customer-centric, omnichannel approach to reach target audiences, boost brand equity, and achieve high conversions. A dedicated team of experienced marketers helps brands to create compelling content and uses innovative, data-driven activities to connect 1:1 with customers across every online channel.

Acuity Data fuels all ongoing business activities by generating rich insights to facilitate smarter and reliable decision-making. A team of seasoned analysts is equipped with best-in-class tools for intuitive data visualisation and incisive, customised reports to better understand audience behaviours and brand sentiment for a competitive advantage.

Aside from the all-inclusive services that differentiate Acuity from other agencies, the company's shared success model and bottom-line approach guarantee the same passion for customer success.

Acuity creates new opportunities for brands to take their DTC business to the next level.

About Acuity
More than just an ecommerce platform, Acuity provides everything a brand needs to take its Direct-to-Consumer strategy to the next level. The Acuity ecosystem consists of world-class ecommerce technology, curated digital marketing, and in-depth data analytics; a complete set of solutions that makes online selling globally at scale easy.

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About IMS Digital Ventures (IMS DV)
IMS Digital Ventures is the venture building arm of IMS, Hong Kong’s leading Digital Transformation Agency with over 300 employees in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Singapore. At IMS Digital Ventures, we build revolutionary new ventures with Asia’s most influential corporations and disruptive entrepreneurs.

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For more information, please contact Anastasios Papadopoulos at IMS Digital Ventures by email at or telephone +852 3611 0130.


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IMS Digital Ventures launches Acuity: an end-to-end e-commerce platform that delivers game-changing growth for Direct-to-Consumer brands

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For more information, please contact Anastasios Papadopoulos at IMS Digital Ventures by email at or telephone +852 3611 0130.