Fast-Growing Advisor Services Exchange Brings New Meaning to Working on the Business: New Platform Specifically Designed for Advisors Celebrates One Year

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--()--ASx announced today that it has already exceeded its own expectations since launching the tech-enabled advisor services platform last year at the 2020 Envestnet Summit. This past year has been tremendously successful for the new organization as it fulfills highly in-demand services for many advisors.

“Advisors and their firms have responded really well to our suite of business solutions,” Says ASx President Ed Swenson. “We are seeing terrific engagement from advisors across each of our offerings. What’s even better, is that our clients, after seeing the benefits of one successful engagement, are coming back to do multiple services with us as they gain confidence in our team and offerings. They can now see results showing up in scale benefits as well as in their firm’s financial performance.”

Specifically, of the 8 services being offered to advisors, a few stand outs have emerged. ASx’s Performance Marketing suite of tools has introduced world class social and digital expertise tailored specifically to the advisory space and has been particularly popular. The service has transformed skeptics into digital adopters and the team of experts at ASx has translated the complex and daunting world of social media into the advisor’s most efficient and effective tool for referrals and new business development.

Advisor M&A, another service in very high demand as the RIA space reached new heights over the last 12 months. During this rapid and continued consolidation of the industry, ASx has been able to help advisors capitalize on the trend. Advisors have also leveraged ASx M&A Strategy through bona fide valuations, building a pipeline of prospects, helping structure deals and providing access to deal capital.

“Quite frankly, the ASx team has allowed us to step up our game in a major way,” says Dave Harris Jr. CEO of MCF Advisors LLC. “We are based in Kentucky and the tools have allowed us to effectively reach out to opportunities. Our aspiration is to be a leading brand and ASx deeply understands the RIA ecosystem which has helped us strategically develop a robust M&A plan. They’re helping us to build a strong pipeline of potential recruits and acquisitions so that we can get ahead of what is becoming a more competitive market daily.”

Also particularly popular, the ASx CFO Program has been attractive to RIAs because it removes the burden and the cumbersomeness of running back-office books and records while providing industry/peer group benchmarking on both the revenue and costs side of the advisory business. The CFO Dashboard has been particularly popular for RIA’s because it consolidates scattered in-house data and many disparate financial reporting functions. Industry analysis is imbedded in the Dashboard, providing advisors with the tools to help make more well informed strategic decisions about their firms.

Finally, ASx Smart Compliance has been a particular area of growth for the new company. Many advisors and their firms appreciate the technology enabled outsourced expertise and extra level of support and protection that ASX provides. The tailored compliance technology that ASx brings to its clients eliminates wasted time by providing ready-to-deploy resources and a compliance cadence to the fingertips of RIAs.

“Closing so many deals across all our business solutions in a short amount of time has certainly been exciting, but it has been far more fulfilling for us to be such a big help to so many firms who have accelerated their growth through the platform,” says Jamie Gardiner Director at ASx. “This early success has led to interest from larger firms, and we are now even having several exciting conversations at the Enterprise level. Independent Broker Dealers and Insurance Broker Dealers are all of sudden really interested in leveraging all the capabilities of ASx to give their existing advisors a competitive advantage.”

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About ASx

ASx provides clients with the ability to leverage value-added services such as access to growth capital, business management tools, marketing services and outsourced CFO services.

ASx is dedicated to protecting and growing RIA enterprise value by empowering financial advisors and their firms with relevant data, analytics and insights that can help increase valuations. We help RIAs optimize their businesses through learning and recommendations delivered by eight unique offerings: Data & Analytics, Capital Strategies, M&A Strategy, Performance Marketing, Smart Compliance, The CFO Program, Intelligent Investments, and Transition Services.


Sally Cates

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Advisor Services Exchange Brings New Meaning to Working on the Business: New Platform Specifically Designed for Advisors Celebrates One Year


Sally Cates