Milestone Releases Inaugural Sustainability Report, Highlights Net Negative Solution

Milestone's inaugural Sustainability Report clearly states the company's carbon-negative emissions profile and commitment to further ESG initiatives, as well as demonstrates opportunities for energy companies to further reduce their GHG intensity. (Photo: Business Wire)

HOUSTON--()--Milestone Environmental Services, LLC (“Milestone”), one of the largest independent providers of energy waste sequestration in the U.S., today announced the release of its inaugural Sustainability Report. The report illustrates the company’s profoundly carbon-negative emissions profile, demonstrates its commitment to further environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, and provides a stark opportunity for our energy company customers to reduce the greenhouse gas (“GHG”) intensity of their operations.

“Since Milestone was founded in 2014, we have innovated, engineered, and built advanced waste management solutions that are simultaneously net negative for carbon emissions and highly protective of soil and groundwater,” said Milestone President and CEO Gabriel Rio. “This inaugural Sustainability Report shares how Milestone’s responsible waste management technology and processes help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and safely reduce the carbon impact of energy companies.”

Highlights from FY20 Sustainability Report:

  • Through its energy waste sequestration operations, the company sequestered 279,000 MT CO2e in 2020, the equivalent of removing 61,000 vehicles from the road
  • The same operation prevented 232,000 MT CO2e of scope 1 emissions that otherwise would occur through land application
  • The company achieved a profoundly negative net GHG emissions profile of (226,212) MT CO2e in 2020, including direct, indirect, and value chain emissions
  • Milestone’s strong safety program produced zero OSHA recordable safety incidents
  • Zero incidents of non-compliance associated with environmental impacts
  • Significant conservation of land and airspace through its slurry injection technology

Rio added, “Milestone’s Sustainability Report highlights the negative impact that mismanaged energy waste can have on the environment. Alternately, it also shares the positive contributions Milestone’s customers enjoy through Milestone’s safe, secure, and reliable energy waste practices. We offer the energy industry an effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally superior way to permanently sequester waste hydrocarbons, reduce GHG intensity, and meet sustainability goals.”

The 2020 Sustainability Report provides a starting point from which Milestone will continue to advance the company’s culture, improve performance, and further integrate important ESG initiatives into its plans for growth. Milestone’s Sustainability Report can be accessed on the company’s website at

About Milestone Environmental Services

Milestone is an energy waste sequestration company with assets throughout the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford Shale. We are the largest independent energy waste sequestration company in the United States, and a key business partner to energy companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint through cost-efficient waste management solutions. Our network of slurry injection sites and best-in-class E&P landfills provides a new avenue for management and sequestration of hydrocarbon-rich energy waste streams. We are committed to protecting the environment and our communities by offering a better way to manage waste and play a key role in a forward-looking carbon agenda. Milestone is a partner in the transition to a sustainable energy future. For more information, please visit


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Milestone releases inaugural Sustainability Report; highlights profoundly carbon-negative emissions profile and commitment to further ESG initiatives.

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