New Survey from Gennev Reveals the Impact Menopause Has on Productivity in the Workplace

45% of women surveyed have had to take sick days due to menopause symptoms, costing employers millions of dollars annually

SEATTLE--()--Gennev, a telehealth platform and community of women dedicated to menopause support, today released a survey that examines how menopause impacts the workplace environment and the ability of employees to perform their jobs. 90% of women surveyed work full or part time and have menopause symptoms that negatively impact their productivity and interpersonal relationships at work.

Menopause in the workplace has consistently been a neglected topic, but under the highly challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees are struggling to do their jobs and therefore choosing to leave the workforce. Companies must find a way to retain their workers, specifically women in the various stages of menopause, if they want to be competitive.

The Gennev survey captured the thoughts of 2,500 women experiencing menopause in the workforce and found that:

  • 99% of respondents are not provided with any menopause care benefits at work
  • Symptoms with the most impact on work productivity include sleep disturbances (80%), mood changes (78%), anxiety (75%), brain fog/cognitive issues (75%), and joint pain (52%)
  • 45% of women surveyed have had to take sick days due to menopause symptoms
  • 66% of respondents want access to a menopause specialist at no charge to the employee

“100% of women will go through menopause, yet employers are not addressing the needs of their employees experiencing symptoms,” said Jill Angelo, CEO and Co-Founder of Gennev. “Offering employees access to menopause specialists will not only reduce healthcare costs but increase productivity.”

Women with menopause-related symptoms are missing work which amounts to an extra $770 per year, per woman, or $27M per year in indirect costs, according to a Yale School of Medicine study. Gennev’s survey results provide critical insights for employers. Women want to see employers offering menopause benefits to help them improve performance, reduce sick days and stay in the workforce. Gennev’s telehealth services offer the solution for companies to maximize their employee retention rate.

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Morgan Manousos

Release Summary

New survey from Gennev reveals impact menopause has on productivity in the workplace


Morgan Manousos