Mori Silk™ Designated a Non-Novel Food in Canada for its History of Safe Use as a Food

BOSTON--()--Mori announced that Mori Silk™ has received non-novel food status from Health Canada based on its history of safe use as a food. It can use the food ingredient country-wide to help Canadian private and public institutions hit their sustainable development goals.

Mori is a food technology company focused on reducing waste and creating more sustainable supply chains. Its product, Mori Silk™, comprises of a protein that has been safely consumed as a food for centuries. The protein’s use has far-reaching impact, from minimizing reliance on single-use plastics to expanding global access to safe and nutritious foods.

Using just salt, water, and heat, Mori harnesses the unique attributes of natural silk to create an edible, undetectable, and protective layer that can be applied to the surfaces of both fresh and shelf-stable foods. Not only does the added flexibility in the supply chain enable a reduction in both food and packaging waste, but also allows for improved food access globally.

Safe History as a Food

Health Canada, one of the premier food safety regulating bodies in the world, has determined that “Mori Silk™ has a history of safe use as a food.” (Health Canada, Case Number 2021-025133). The organization is responsible for helping people in Canada maintain and improve their health and well-being, as well as for establishing standards for the safety and nutritional quality of all foods imported to and sold in the country.

“Health Canada has been a champion for food safety globally,” said Mori General Counsel Laith Abu-Taleb. “Like Health Canada, food safety is absolutely paramount to Mori. We have a tremendous respect for where food comes from and where it’s supposed to go. We take an ancient ingredient--natural silk protein--and use that to keep food fresher for longer, allowing more nutritious and healthy food to reach your kitchen table.”

Recently selected as a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, Mori’s patented technology can be integrated at any time in the food supply chain from farm to shelf. Not only does Mori Silk™ allow food producers, processors, and retailers to safely extend shelf life, but also allows them to reach new markets, reduce food and packaging waste, and enable greener means of transportation.

About Mori

Mori is a technology company focused on innovations in the food, agriculture, and packaging industries. Through an innovative and proprietary process, Mori uses just salt, water, and heat to extract protein from silk and create an all-natural and edible protective layer that keeps food fresher for longer. The patented technology can be integrated at any time from farm to shelf, allowing food producers, processors, and retailers to extend shelf life, reach new markets, and reduce waste. Mori is based in Boston, Massachusetts. (


Laith Abu-Taleb

Release Summary

Health Canada approves Mori Silk.


Laith Abu-Taleb